Stunning brunette Sybil gets fucked in the kitchen


It is a cheerful morning as sunlight seeps through the sheer curtains in the bedroom. I rub my bleary eyes as I walk towards the huge glass window. I peep outside and it is already sunny. My gorgeous and stunning brunette babe Sybil isn’t in the room, so I go to the kitchen and find her there. I give her a sweet morning kiss and walk behind her, hugging her from the back. We are all smiling at each other, and a romantic atmosphere engulfs us.

Sybil is using an egg whisk to stir milk cream. She is in the mood for making cupcakes which she knows is my favorite. I sniff the mixture and it smells so delicious. She is in a light blue t-shirt which reveals her navel downwards and a red panty. I grab her enticing ass and lift her panty, choking her meaty pussy. She tastes the milky cream on her finger. I suggest she lick it with my two fingers, which she does erotically. She similarly suggests it would be good for me to lick it from her nipples. She dips a finger in the cream and spreads it on her nipples. I kiss her nipples softly, the lick the cream off of it.

I offer to place the cupcakes in the oven. Meanwhile, she applies yet more cream to her yummy nipples. I eat it out again, consequently making me horny. I start kissing her flat tummy while she sits on the kitchen countertop with her legs open. Then I move on to kiss her pussy over her panty before gently pulling it to the side. I suck on her clit, making it swell out of its hood with pleasure. By now, I am already as hard as a rock and all I want is to plow her pussy.

Meanwhile, my hard cock is kicking furiously under my boxers like a caged lion. She comes to its rescue, giving me two minutes of a glorious suck inside her warm mouth. After she sucks me, I turn her over and rum her wet pussy over the kitchen slab. I carry her onto a couch where I fuck her pussy mercilessly as she rubs her clit, making her orgasm with a loud moan. She turns on her side, letting me vigorously hammer her cunt from the back, making her juices drip.

We change over to the cowgirl position. My stunning brunette babe inserts my hard cock into her steaming vagina. She rides on my dick wildly, as I enjoy her bouncy tits on her chest. Her clit swells again and her muscles spasm inside her pussy as she reaches climax again. Her pussy becomes hotter and juicier, making it unbearable to hold my balls any longer. I shoot a hot load of cum inside her pussy with a loud groan as she smiles at me. What a beautiful morning!

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Models: Charlie Dean / Sybil

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