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Today is a bright and sunny Saturday. I decide to put my jogging skills to the test. I choose to go downtown because it is not usually busy. Along the road, I spot a hot brunette babe taking a casual and relaxing walk downhill. The sight of such a good-looking girl ahead of me rejuvenates my weary body, making me run downhill.

When I was only few steps away from where she is, she stops and looks back at me, making me slow down. I take a sip of cold water from my water bottle to control my panting. At first, she seems uninterested, but her beauty makes me pursue her further. She introduces herself as Elle Rose. After a short introduction, we take a stroll together downhill talking over general stuff. Soon after walking around the neighborhood, I feel her humorous vibe and realize she is funny.

We sit on an abandoned bench overlooking a rocky hill. After catching my breath from the run, I admire her enticing body and form. She is well dressed in a denim jacket, short skirt, and leather boots. Subtly, I take glances at her cleavage, exposed thighs, and sneaky ideas form in my mind. The hot brunette babe realizes my glances, shrugging her shoulders and smiling shyly.

At this moment, I decide to be frank with her about my intentions. I cross my fingers and ask her if I can give her a few dollars in exchange for a quickie. For a moment, she thinks for a second or two before bursting into a hysterical laugh. First, I feel embarrassed about my request, but slutty babe Elle can’t resist my offer, and so she holds my hand, and we walk into an abandoned building. Spasms of joy rush through my body and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me.

We go next to a window and enjoy the splendid view of the rocky hill. I suggest we do something romantic and rest her hand on my erect penis. She caresses it over my tracksuit before making it grow bigger, then sucking it in her mouth. After a quick blowjob, my dick is now straight and hard. Elle then turned and bent over the window. I slide my hard dick from the back as she moans quietly for our privacy. She turns over for the cowgirl and doggy position, vigorously riding my dick. In that regard, her pussy becomes hotter, and she cringes her vaginal muscles around my dick. At that moment, I almost lose my self-control techniques, but she saves the day. Swiftly, she goes down on her knees, delivering one last suck, which leaves my balls empty in her mouth.

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