Ukrainian beauty on bed waiting for boyfriend to come home to her


I really miss my lovely and hot Ukrainian beauty Nancy A who I haven’t seen in a long time. I give her a call and we agree to meet. Quickly, I travel to her house, and we are so excited over each other. We have a wonderful dinner and head upstairs to get some rest. I take a warm shower and get back to the bedroom.

Nancy has a good taste for classical music. As I walk in, Four Seasons by Vivaldi is playing in the background. I am peeking into her room, and I’m stunned by her beauty. She already undressed and is only in her netted G-string panty and bra. She has a sexy and curvy body with a huge ass. Her tits are round and well proportional to her appealing body. She whines and dances erotically to a cool orchestra music in the background like the pro she is. I’m amused by her moves, as I am standing to watch her. She finally finishes and gently lies on the king size bed waiting for me to join her.

I take off my T-shirt and turn her around for a gentle kiss which she responds with much enthusiasm. Whenever she does this, I clearly know that her hungry pussy needs attention just like my dick. We kiss each other amorously as I caress her inner thighs and grab her boobs which she really likes.

I caress her tits in my hands and I lick her hard nipples with my tongue. Then, I tease her pussy with my hand as I touch it over her panty and she begins to get very wet.  I get it off and you should see how swiftly she arches her back for me to lick on. She is now in doggy position and I lick her slit from behind. I get very horny and slide my hard cock inside her warm pussy and I don’t even realize that I still got my boxer on.

She gives me a blowjob, then lies on her side and I enter her from the back. I pump her pussy hard before we switch position and I lay down on my back. Then, she comes on top of me and rides me crazy as I enjoy her breasts bounce on her chest. We change to the missionary position and she holds her legs wide and open for me. I pump her wet pussy so hard making her orgasm and her hot fluids can’t let me hold longer. A little more thrusts and she lets me cum inside her warm pussy.


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