Hot Asian teen Yua Mikami had sex in library


It was near final time. I (Yua Mikami) was in my senior year of high school, and I felt the pressure building up in me from not having studied enough. I was worried that I may not pass my finals, so I decided to hit the library and rack up some study time. After arriving, I sat down at the table in front of a hot Asian teen girl that appeared to be studying, and I think I had seen her around campus some time before. We introduced ourselves to one another. Her name is Yua Mikami. We discovered that we had to study some of the same material, so we began chatting back and forth about our work. It wasn’t long into our studies that the hot girl I was studying with decided to change the topic of conversation to one of her and her current relationship. She proceeded to vent about how her boyfriend just couldn’t seem to please her and she started telling me about things she liked sexually that he couldn’t match.

I felt a little uncomfortable that she would confide in me, a complete stranger, about such private issues, but I continued to listen. Yua went on to tell me that she often found herself pleasing him more than she got in return because she loved to suck dick. She agreed that this sort of thing wasn’t his fault but did not understand why he couldn’t return the favor by eating her pussy every once in a while. By this time, I couldn’t help but to feel a little aroused at the topic of conversation as it began to get more and more personal. Every once in a while, there would be a few moments of silence and we would begin studying again, but they didn’t last long. She also told me of how she found herself wanting to have sex with him way more than he did, and she said she was always the one to come on to him first. She said that this sort of thing made her wonder if she was the issue. I told her that was silly, that she was a hot Asian teen, and anyone would love to be with her, I’m sure.

At this point, my cock was about to go through my pants, and I asked her if I could be excused for a moment. I left the table while trying to hold myself together and found a quiet isle in the back of the library. I was standing there, with my back turned, trying to get my dick to soften up a little when, all of a sudden, I felt her hand on my shoulder. I turned around in surprise and she giggled. She then looked down and noticed my still hard penis and licked her lips. She asked me if listening to her sexual issues that she was talking to me about got me that way and I shook my head yes. That’s when she unbuttoned my pants and began stroking my cock, rubbing it back and forth in her soft little hands. I noticed that she kept licking her lips every so often, and I asked her if she would like to taste me.

Yua smiled and replied, “I thought you would never ask.” and she went down on me immediately. The thought of us being in a public library turned me on even more as I felt my cock touch the back of her throat. In and out of her hot wet mouth, licking and sucking while tugging at my balls gently, she continued to please me. She wasn’t lying when she said this was her favorite thing to do because it was only a short time before I came all over her face and she looked up at me with pure excitement. She was pleased that she had done such a great job. We cleaned up and departed, and to this day I still haven’t seen that hot Asian teen again.


Models: Yua Mikami

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