Tipsy Asian girl Yua Mikami got a cum shot on her face


My boyfriend invited me over for a night of fine dining at his place this weekend. I arrived early, and when I entered the living area I was amazed at the effort, he had put into making everything look so nice. There were candles lit and wine glasses set aside with our dinner in the oven. It was truly a special kind of night. Soon after I arrived, dinner was done, and we joined each other for a romantic feast. We had fine wine with our dinner, and I probably drank a little too much, from the way I was feeling. Our conversation was basic at first but led into a discussion about our sex life. We discussed the last time that we had sex and laughed at the fact that it had ended with a cum shot to my face.

Call us sick or crazy, but sometimes we do get a little freaky like that. Having this talk made me horny as hell, and I have to admit that I wouldn’t mind a cum shot anywhere on me tonight. I leaned in for a kiss and started caressing his body, while whispering nasty thoughts into his ear. I then, playfully, took his finger and started licking and sucking on it like I would his cock, if it had been in my mouth. I pulled up his shirt and kissed his stomach and massaged his dick at the same time that I was unbuttoning his pants. After his pants hit the floor, I took his cock into my hands and worked it up and down to prepare him for my mouth.

I didn’t take him into my mouth instantly, but instead ran my tongue around the tip of it while staring up at him with sexy eyes. After getting him hard i took all of him into my mouth and sucked his cock like I never had before. I sucked on his rock-hard shaft and also his balls until he was ready to explode, and then I let off, long enough to pull off my shirt and bra. With my tits fully exposed, he began kissing and sucking on my nipples, and I could feel myself getting more wet as time went on. He removed my skirt and exposed the tiny pink thong that I had worn but it didn’t stay on long. After getting me completely naked I laid down on the living room floor and let him enter my wet pussy. He slid in it with ease, and I whispered to him how good he felt inside of me. He started to pick up the rhythm and I could hear my wetness smacking up against his skin.

I finally rolled him over onto his back and climbed on top. I slid my hot vagina down on his stiff shaft and began pouncing up and down. Letting out moans of pleasure, I let him know how much I was enjoying him. I then let him take me from behind and i could feel him even deeper inside of me from this angle. He lifted my right leg up and fucked me in the scissor position and I felt myself reaching the top. After a while, he laid me back down on the floor and began pounding my pussy harder than ever. I could tell by the rhythm that he was about to cum I kissed him softly and told him that I wanted a cum shot on my face again, and he moaned out in agreement. He pulled out of me, and I fingered myself into a climax as he let out a cum shot all over my face.


Models: Yua Mikami

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