Vina Sky made love on the beach with boyfriend


While vacationing at the beach, showing off my new bikini, my boyfriend was filming me. I was in my bikini top, and shorts and I bent over politely and shook my little ass at him. After twirling around and modeling my bikini top for him, he told me to let him see all of it, and I took off my shorts. My bikini barely covered my pussy lips, and he liked it. Finally, I took the camera away from him and pulled down his shorts and took him into my mouth. I sucked his cock, taking it deep into my throat while looking up at him with sexy eyes, knowing that we were about to make love on the beach. I sucked on his cock, tightening my jaw and throat muscles around his shaft.

I didn’t cut him any slack. He moaned out in great pleasure, then bent me over and took me from behind. He entered my hot, wet pussy and stroked his cock in and out of me at a steady rhythm. He fucked me like that for a while, and then I pulled away from him to take him back inside my mouth again. I licked my wetness off of him. I tasted how sweet my pussy was, and it turned me on even more. I cleaned him up from all around his balls and his cock until I made him crazy with pleasure. Then I bent over and let him take me in the ass. I was wet enough, along with his pre-cum, that he slid in my ass hole with ease. While he fucked me in the ass, I fingered, and he smacked my pussy vigorously. I could feel his cock growing inside my tight little ass hole and I was glad that the day had led to making love on the beach.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back, arching my body even more, and I felt him deeper inside of me. He told me how tight and sexy I was and told me that he was about to cum, but I asked him to hold off, and he did as I wished. I wanted to feel him inside of me as long as I could. Going from my ass to my pussy, he thrust his cock deep inside, and I could feel my walls closing in on his rock-hard shaft. I then took him back into my mouth and went down on him as far as possible, causing myself to gag. When I pulled his cock out of my mouth, there was pre-cum stringing all over my face, and I was pleased.

After that, I climbed on him to ride his cock. I positioned myself up on his chest and got leverage with my feet so that I could slam myself down on him completely. I continued to slam my pussy down on his dick and I could feel him reaching his limit, but so was I. I picked up my rhythm and so did he. We were simultaneously pumping and grinding against each other, and I knew that it wouldn’t be long now. I turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl style until he couldn’t hold himself together any longer. I then released myself all over his cock and climbed off to lick him clean. Making love on the beach that day was amazing!

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Models: Vina Sky

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