Beautiful Russian model makes love to her gorgeous Ukrainian girlfriend during war


My name is Eva Elfie from Russia. I can hardly go out of my house and my neighborhood is deserted, apart from a few friends here and there. Luckily, I remember my hot, curvy, and gorgeous Ukrainian girlfriend Nancy A. I call her and it doesn’t take long before she shows up in a light pink skirt. Wow! She looks fantastic.

I’m so delighted to see her, and she feels the same way about me. Our joy is uncontainable, and we fall into each other’s arms in long warm hugs and embraces. We hold hands as we walk to the living room and toss our glasses of wine for our friendship. After we are done, she hugs me from the back which triggers me and puts me in a crazy sensual mood.

It’s really sunny and we take off our dresses, leaving us in our V-teddy lingerie. She hugs me from the back which makes me forget about the war in my country. She kisses my neck from the back and then gentle touches my body. I’m completely immersed in her world of love and intimacy. She drops my shoulder straps and fondles my hard nipples as she breathes warm air against my smooth skin.

We touch our nipples together as she slowly strips off my lingerie. She sits me on the couch and subtly caresses my body. It has been a long since I’ve had such a lovely session. My body is very sensitive, and I cannot hold but jerk with every touch. Goosebumps run throughout my body and yet I’m yearning for more of it.

How Nancy sucks my breast, and along my flat tummy downwards, gets me wet already. She rolls her tongue along my inner thighs towards my pussy, and I go crazy for her. Then, she sucks around my freshly shaved pussy which blows my mind away. When she licks my clit, I wiggle my body in uncontrollable pleasure. It’s so sweet and it gets me moaning with much joy.

She takes off and gets on top of me. We kiss amorously as she drips her love juices on my open kitty below hers. She takes her hand below her dangling breasts as is sucks them and rubs my clit. She knows my body so well and she does it so perfectly. I felt my muscles getting tighter and my tits shaking. Finally, I reach orgasm in a crazy jet of squirt into her pussy above mine. I suck her pussy and she cums too from the long dry spell. We rest on the couch as we laugh about it. She tells me she’s going to spend the night in my place, and I know what she means.

Next morning, Nancy has to go due to the complicated situation back home. I know I will miss my gorgeous Ukrainian girlfriend Nancy a lot before she can come back to me.


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