Mirror Fuck With Oliviamae


Oliviamae starts her day by hopping in the shower but gets distracted by her reflection. She has lovely platinum blonde hair and a cute face that will amaze you. Looking at the mirror, she admires her small pointy tits and hourglass waist that gives her a model look. After some time, her boyfriend Cummings walks in with nothing and then gets behind her. He grabs her waist tightly and presses his hard, morning cock against her thighs. This arouses Olivia until she says, “Put it all inside me, baby! “Cummings rubs his dick on her pussy as he enjoys teasing his gorgeous babe.

On slipping it in, the beauty opens her mouth from feeling his big cock thrusting her tight vagina walls. The bearded guy holds her waist and starts serving her slow strokes to spread her pussy. Her small boobs are so hard to move up and down the more he fucks her, and he loves the view from the mirror. Mae moans softly, and she smiles from all the pleasure she is getting. Cummings increases the tempo and holds one of her boobs, making her stand upright. He gives her kisses on her back, then whispers in her ear,” Hope you ready for some hard and deep strokes. “

Without hesitating, he turns her over to the side and holds her waist tightly with his cock still inside her. The hot boyfriend then fucks the shit out of her to a point she can feel his dick in her stomach. Oliviamae cannot help but moan softly with every stroke as she places one hand on the sink. She starts fucking him back as he stares at her small round booty and her snatched waist. She goes in and out of his dick, making it wet thanks to her juicy coochie. Placing both hands on the sink, she bends over, and you can see her boobs shake, holding her pointy nipples. Cummings grabs her waist and then fucks her so hard her face starts turning red as she screams.

“Aah …Fuck …Just like that!” Mae uttered, taking his enormous dick like a pro. She then raises her back slightly while still holding the bathroom counter as he continues pounding her pussy. She flips her hair to one side, and you can see her hair tips fall on her nipple, which turns her on. Mae bites her sexy lips as she groans, which makes her boyfriend fuck her even harder. The babe gives Cummings a dirty look in the mirror as they smile at each other from all pleasure. This view makes Olivia apply pressure as he moves in and out of her warm vagina walls.

She presses her legs together to grip his groin and make it tighter, which he seems to like. When he felt like he was about to cum, the hot guy increased his pace and then slowed down after cumming inside her. Cummings pulls out his dick and then walks into the shower leaving Oliviamae bending with her ass facing the mirror. She shows off her fat pussy with cum on her pussy lip that is sticking out.

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