Slim brunette babe Eliza craving morning dick


It is a bright and sunny Saturday morning in June. My beautiful slim brunette babe Eliza Ibarra gets up from bed. She goes over to the kitchen to make breakfast. I hear her moaning softly in the kitchen which gets me smiling. I know she has always been naughty, and it doesn’t surprise me to hear her make such erotic sounds.

She comes over to bed with a tray of fruit salad and feeds me a piece of watermelon. Seeing her in a bra and panty activates my morning manhood. I grab and pull her closer to me. Her skin is so smooth and tender, and her body is very warm. Looking at her tender and soft looking lips gives me the irresistible thirst to kiss her succulent smiley lips. I kiss her amorously and she responds positively interested.

I snap off the hooks behind her white bra and she contracts her shoulders making it fall off her sexy body. Then, I cup her tits in my hands, and she moves her body sensually as she moans faintly. I roll her nipples between my fingers, and they become hard almost instantly. After that, I kiss her neck making her moan out a bit more loudly than before lifting her shoulders high with sensation.

I caress her body from her tits downward to her tummy and she wiggles her body with joy. I caress her legs above the knees up wards to her pussy. Then I tease her pussy over her panty and feel her warm dampness which makes my dick kick harder under my boxers. Eliza lies on the bed facing up as I pull off her underwear. She lifts her legs in the air and the aroma of her pussy engulfs my nostrils provoking the lust in me. I suck her navel and her legs fall apart revealing her well-trimmed pussy. Then, I roll my tongue down to her pussy and she holds on to the bed sheets so hard.

I tickle her vulva with the tip of my tongue and her clit starts to swell over her damp pussy lips. She holds the back of my head in position and presses it hard making me bury my tongue in her steaming pussy. She is very horny I can tell. Her thick clear fluids drip out of her pussy down to her ass hole. She sucks my dick in return inside her warm mouth getting me rock hard.

I kneel between her legs and hold her legs wide apart in my strong hands. Her pussy lips are apart allowing me to see the inside of it.  My dick is kicking in the air with fury ready to deface and sabotage her innocent cunt. I slide the head in her pussy, and she jerks back a little bit smiling at me. I smash her pussy vigorously making her cunt flood with juices. Her pussy gets very hot and her clit swelling uncontrollably. The muscles inside her pussy contract on my dick choking the head with every thrust. She keeps begging me to cum inside her. I pump it deep inside her as much as I could and this time, I give her much needed hot cum inside her glorious pussy.

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