Two Ukrainian babes exercise together then make out in public park


Nancy and I are good friends from long ago. I love her and she loves me too. She has an admirable body and a sexy figure. We often like hanging out and we do many things together. Today is sunny day and we decide to go out in the public park for some exercises. We dress up in a matching pair of our favorite V-teddies and milk white sport shoes. We start with a jog around the park for warm up to get our bodies ready for the day’s activities.

We get on our knees and lift one leg to the back to work on our waists. We go on doing ten squats among other exercises. Eventually, I’m exhausted from the strenuous activities and so we decide to take some rest. I proceed and sit on a bench just a few steps away where we were working out and Nancy follow me. I really need a massage at this point to relieve the muscles. Nancy offers to massage me, and she asks me to place my leg on her lap.

She adds a little massage oil on my legs for lubrication. I ask her if she would like to massage my butt and she says she would want it a lot. I also want to massage her, but she says she wants to finish with me first. Nancy looks at me with a lot of love and affection. She draws in closer, and I have never seen her as beautiful as she is now. Looking at her tender and soft gelled lips, the irresistible urge to kiss kicks in.

She gives me a warm romantic kiss and I love the feeling. I ask her should we make out in public like this? She replies that she won’t mind other people creeping on us. She says she just wants to devote her love to me without hesitation. And so, she touches on my inner thigh soothingly with her soft hands. It gets exciting and I also want to kiss her again. We had kissed with Nancy before but this time it feels different. She feels sweet and she awakens another woman in me. I feel a strange desire for her like I have never felt before.

She drops her top under her breast, and I feel the urge to touch them. Oh my God! This feels sweet. She touches my pussy over my lingerie, and it feels really sensual. No one has ever touched me this way. She kisses my neck and my eyes close with pleasure. She opens two buttons under my v-teddy and starts to rub on my clit and she gets me horny. I’m craving for her and so I start rubbing her pussy at the same time.

She sucks on my clit and I hold her head against my pussy for more pressure. She then rubs my pussy in her fingers faster and vigorously. My clit becomes bigger and I feel my muscles cringing inside my pussy. She continues rubbing me and she give me an intense much needed orgasm. I feel so much in love with her and wish for more. She comes over me and I rub her pussy to eventually making her reach climax with a warm squirt on me.  I had never known Nancy is such a blessing for me.

Models: nancy a / Sybil

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