Sakino No Hana Secretly Fucks Her CoWorker In Storage Room


One afternoon, Sakino No Hana sat in the store with her supervisor Steven she had been eyeing for some time. She looks good in a short skirt suit and stockings that show off her thighs when seated. Realizing Steven is looking at her, she raises her skirt showing off her cute blue undies. He then asks her to get boxes from the top and bottom shelves and place them before him. Without hesitation, she follows instructions and bends over seductively as she puts the boxes on the ground after unbuttoning her shirt halfway, exposing her nice cleavage, which makes Steven so hard.

“Sit on my face, baby!“ he said, looking at her sexy body while lying on the floor. Sakino lifts her skirt and sits on him with her stockings and undies underneath. Steven enjoys the warmth of her pussy on his face and starts licking through her panties to tease her. Hana takes off her blazer and turns around, then sits on his face again. She slowly bends over to reach for his pants, takes out the enormous dick so hard, and jerks him off. This makes her so aroused she takes off her shirt, leaving her small tits sitting nicely on her white bra.

Sakino No Hana stands up, sits on his thighs, pulls out a stocking from the boxes, and wears them on her hands. She pulls out a bottle of lube and spreads it on her hand, covered by a stocking. Sakino gently rubs her fingers against each other, spreading the lube and goes ahead to wank his cock. The faster she rubbed her hands over his penis, the louder he groaned as he looked at her sexy eyes. On increasing the pace, Steven goes crazy and cums on her slimy stockings.

Seducing my hot boss in his office

Sakino is seated on her boss’s desk with a short skirt, caressing her thighs over her black see-through stockings. He could no longer resist her, so he approached her and took her bra. He runs his hands through her small perky boobs while rubbing her tight pussy. The boss then turned her over and put one of her legs on his office table, then made a hole around her pussy.

This guy sits against the couch when Sakino No Hana puts her vagina in his mouth. As he eats her out, she removes his pants, and his enormous dick pops out, and they 69. After Hana gets off his face, she sits on his cock while facing him and rides his dick with his hands on her tiny waist. Seeing her pointy boobs shake arouses him even more, and he sits up and kisses her passionately. She gets off his cock and sits between his legs, rubbing his cock with her legs. He spreads her legs wide and dips his dick in her vagina.

The boss starts with slow strokes and then raises the tempo, making her moan softly. Sakino No Hana gets back on his dick for some reverse cowgirl as she takes his big dick. She then bends over on the floor, holding the couch, when he puts his manhood in her and gives her deep strokes. Sakino puts her hands inside her stockings and spreads her ass cheeks for him. Her boss fucks her so rough that she lies down, and he continues pounding her flat doggy style. He pulls his dick out and asks her to lie on the couch and holds her legs against her chest and continues fucking her. Thrusting her tight pussy walls drives him crazy he cums on her ass cheek.

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