Hot teen Alex Blake had sex for money in public POV


The day is superb. I decide to step out into the streets to do something outrageous. My intention for the day is to look for a sexy girl who would have sex for money. This is like a social experience to see how many girls out there who would agree to my offer. As I stroll around one of the famous downtown streets, my eyes land on a hot-looking teen. She catches my attention and I slow down to at least have a word with her. Briefly, I introduce myself and she tells me her name is Alex Blake.

After talking for a while, I find out that Alex actually could not afford her rent last month. She is having an eviction notice. I see my opportunity, so I quickly offer her some money to see how she would react. Joy is written all over her face, and she agrees we talk, which is a plus for me. She is beautiful in her pink cap and crop sweater that shows her navel downwards. Complementing the hot look is a blue jean booty short and light white sneaker. I poke her with suggestive questions, which she responds to positively.

We seem to be a match when she tells me she is single and similarly loves outdoor events. As we stroll down the street, she confidently lights a cigarette, which further confirms her outgoing behavior. We get to a secluded place along the street, and I make my move by asking her directly if she would do me a favor in return for her rent money. She asks me what I have in mind and smiles wickedly. I look down to my dick then signal her to give me a blowjob, to which she shyly objects. Though, the naughty smile on her face suggests otherwise, giving me more power to persuade her further.

The chat becomes livelier, and the looks of her enticing body and form elevate my libido. In fact, she notices the bulge forming under my boxers, though subtly. This realization charges more energy in this hot teen, and she gets even more determined. After a moment of trying to convince her, I top her up with some more dollars for her phone bill and she takes the offer.

Sooner than later, she takes my hard dick inside her warm mouth, giving me an insane blowjob. She takes off her blue shorts, revealing her big ass, which gets me hard rock. I rub her clit gently and she gets wet, dripping with thick juices. Confidently, she lies on all fours on a public bench with her gaping pussy aligned against my dick. The sweet flower of her pussy is all for me and indeed pulsing with horniness.

Indeed, watching this video evokes the feeling of your hard dick inside her horny pussy. I pound her pussy mercilessly in various positions before eventually shooting cum into her waiting mouth. After sex, Alex admitted that this is her first time she has sex for money. She indeed needed to pay for her overdue rent last month. Watch her clip. She is so sweet!




Models: alex blake

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