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I have been missing my gorgeous babe Tracy Loves. I give her a call and we talk for a few hours on the phone. Later on, we plan to meet up on a date. I can’t wait to meet her. The thought about her sexy body makes me horny. As I am thinking about fucking her in my head, the phone rings and it was Tracy calling to let me know that she has just arrived. I rush to town in my SUV to pick her and we come home. I serve her some wine and after a little chitty chatty we head upstairs to my bedroom.

She goes over the bed in her yellow top and a pink booty short. She moves her body erotically and occasionally grabbing her perfect natural tits.  She takes off her yellow top, leaving her in a pink bra that matches her shorts. She pulls the bra below her tits and caresses them while I stand beside the bed, watching her. I walk to the edge of the bed where she comes closer, and we start kissing.

We touch gently as we kiss before she goes on her knees over the bed and unzips my jean. My dick is already hard because I have been missing her a lot. She understands and goes right into sucking me. She takes it in her hand and gently massages my cum-filled balls. Her other hand is stroking my dick slowly and making steady moves from the base to the head. This gets me very hard, and my dick throbs in the air with anticipation. She goes ahead and sucks it in her warm mouth, getting me horny for her.

I strip off her clothes and lay her on the bed. I have missed caressing her sexy body and now I can’t wait to fuck her. She spreads her legs open, and I hold her legs wide apart and go down on her. I tickle her clit with my tongue while I finger her wet pussy and she wiggles her body from the pleasure. She turns over for the doggy over the bed. I slide my hard cock in her gaping hot pussy, giving her the much needed hard fuck.

We switch position and I lie on my back, and she comes over me for the cowgirl. She rides on my dick and her tits bounce along in rhythm. I holder her ass cheeks open for deeper penetration as I spank her butt, which turns red hot. She creams on my dick with her sweet juices, which leak all over my balls. She lies by her side, allowing me to enter her hot pussy from her back. I smash her pussy hard and fast and the uncontrollable urge to cum in her kicks in. She cringes her muscles around my cock, making me shoot a huge load of cum inside her pussy.

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