Hot foreign exchange student Scarlett Hampton bangs her host


Scarlett Hampton is a young, beautiful, and charming girl. She is in her sweet early twenties, looking all ripe from her looks. As she lies on bed, she thinks about her last semester in college, which she acknowledges as one of the best times in her life. What makes it even more interesting is her English host Danny, whom she describes as charming and hot as fuck.

Scarlet has to get back to the USA soon. She admits to having feelings and falling for Danny. Flashbacks keep occurring to her, thinking about all the good times they shared, and she smiles all alone. She wants to fuck his English cock and swears to milk Danny’s balls dry before she gets back home.

Danny is not at home and our hot foreign exchange student Scarlett is very horny and she cannot hold on any longer. Sensually, she strips her clothes off and goes over to bed with Danny’s image in her mind and a vibrator in her hand. She lies on her back with her legs folded and wide apart. Pressing the buzzing vibrator on her swollen clit, she moans and her yummy pussy lips open. She wiggles her body with pleasure as she thinks about Danny. Her ass hole winks uncontrollably as she orgasms intensively.

After a couple of hours, Danny gets back home, where she has prepared some snacks for him. Danny sips the soup and spits it right back into the cup when she looks away. Seems like our girl’s talent is not at cooking after all. Anyway, Danny surprises her with a present which she likes. Scarlet tells Danny that she also needs something else. She rests her hand on Danny’s shoulder as she reaches out to touch his dick over his black jean. Danny rises on his feet, and they kiss amorously as they strip off their clothes.

Scarlet sucks Danny’s dick in her warm mouth as she strokes it gently in her hands, making it rock hard. Danny then lies on his back as Scarlet goes over him for the cowgirl position, riding his cock vigorously. Her tits bounce up and down in rhythm with her thrusts. They change over for the doggy, and Danny hits her gaping pussy as she holds her ass cheeks wide open for him.

Scarlett then lies down on her back, folding her legs and spreading them wide apart for her host Danny. Gently, Danny slides his stiff cock into her steaming and wet pussy. He proceeds to pound her pussy hard and deep. Scarlet moans loudly, begging him to cum inside her pussy as she bites her lower lip. Danny cannot hold on any longer. He groans loudly, shooting hot loads of cum inside her tight pussy.

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