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Online fitness trainer has sex with his student Rikki at the gym


The pandemic hit me hard 2 years ago, so that I have switched to be an online fitness trainer. I found Rikki through some online fitness forum, and she has become my client for almost a year now. Since things are getting back to normal and Rikki has desire to be trained in person, we decide to book a session at a local gym today. At the gym, I’m on my routine exercises while my student Rikki is jogging on the treadmill for some cardio. She is a tall blonde chick with a slender athletic body. Today, she is in a pink bra and a golden yellow panty which I keep staring at occasionally.

For some time, I have noticed her looking at my well-built body. It has never crossed my mind that she is ogling at me lecherously. After I’m done with my bench pressing, I shift for the dumbbell, and she comes over to me. She goes over to stretch on her knees with her ass facing me. I notice her meaty labia peeping out from the sides of her panty. Sexual hormones rush through my body and awaken the lust in me. I fantasize about smashing her puffy pussy, and my dick gets hard under my boxers. It brings back memory that before I became an online fitness trainer, I had banged so many hot chicks. Today could be my lucky day with Rikki!

Since there is nobody else in the gym, she requests me to help her with the heavyweights. I stand behind her as she sits, which allows me to admire her cleavage. She notices this from a huge mirror ahead of us on the wall. She pops out her busty melons from the bra intentionally to tease me.

My dick kicks inside my boxers with fury and bulges over my shorts. I hold her yummy boobs in my hands and feel her hard nipples between my fingers. Rikki turns over and grabs my dick over my shorts, making it throb in her hands. Then she drops my boxers, and I step out of it on the floor. She takes my dick and put it right inside her mouth and gives me a glorious three minutes of sucking.

I strip her panties off and lay her on a cushioned bench on her back. She folds her legs and opens her thighs, showing me her perfect flower of a pussy. I hold her labia apart and suck her clit, making it swell rapidly over its hood. I bury my tongue inside her pussy as she presses my head against her pussy from the back. Her pussy is steaming and dripping with fluids. I stick the head of my dick inside her pussy and she gasps as she jerks a bit. I fuck her pussy gently before eventually sliding the whole of my hard pole inside her pussy and she moans.

Voraciously, I fuck her pussy hard and fast as she rubs her clit, making me drill her pussy like a beast. We turn for the doggy and I rum her pussy mercilessly, making her reach orgasm, curling her toes and her vaginal muscles spasm uncontrollably. Her pussy becomes hotter and juicy as I hold her slender waist in my arms, pressing her deeper against me with every thrust. My cock throbs inside her contracted muscles, which choke on my head. She realizes I’m about to cum. Quickly, she gets on her knees and sucks my balls dry in her warm mouth. She takes my cum in her mouth and some splashes over her perfect and natural tits.

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