Sweet 18 yo teen fucks boyfriend in a bathtub


My lovely 18 yo teen girlfriend is in the mini pool inside my house and I sit on the side. I am enjoying the view looking at her hot, curvy and beautiful body. We have our red sweet wine, which I pop the cork with my thumb and a little of it spills over the bottle. I pour it in our wine glasses and pass her one. We do the cheers and take one sip each. She draws closer to where I am sat with a towel wrapped around my waist.

I dip my legs in the pool and she comes to me. We kiss with much affection as I caress her natural tits. She looks so beautiful in this moment. She is my naughty babe. She puts her wine to the side and unwraps my towel. She takes my dick in her hand and begins to suck it making me as hard as a rock. She goes on and gives me long strokes with her warm hands. I lean back to support my weight on my hands at the back and I let her do her thing.

She gets from the pool and sits on me. I enjoy her soft and tender lips as we kiss passionately. She continues to massage the tip of my hard dick as she rubs her kitty with her other hand. Lust is all over her face as she takes the dick inside her pussy and rides me gently. She holds each of my knees with both of her hands where she rests her weight as I hold her tits.

I play with her hard nipples as she continues riding me voraciously. She turns and sits on me, wrapping her legs behind my back and she rides my dick with more energy. I carry her off in my hands and sit her on the edge of the mini pool where I suck her wet pussy. I give her a nice hard Fuck as the water splashes in rhythm of the thrusts as we kiss and we both orgasm together. She is such an adorable goddess.

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