Stranded teen fucks a stranger in exchange for a ride back home


It is Friday and I leave office quite earlier today. While I’m driving to meet my crew at our favorite joint, along the way a beautiful, curvy and sexy girl waves me down and I pull up next to her. She is stranded and asks me to help her get to town in exchange for few bucks. It’s actually quite rare to see a hot stranded teen on the road nowadays. It must be my lucky day. I quickly agree to the offer but as you know, I have some other ideas in mind. She hops into my car, we drive off and she tells me her name is Foxy Di. I take a closer look at her because she is so freaking cute and very open minded.

We take the express way and I step on the gas heavily raving the engine hard. We are having a good time as we drive, talking about lots of stuff and we seem to get along well. At this point, I am seeing that she is quite comfortable with me, I start asking her some personal questions like if she has a boyfriend or not. She tells me no. She also reveals to me that she has not had sex for a very long time. I think she must be sending me a green line to move onto her here. I decide to go straight to the point by telling her that she can save her money on this trip by giving me something else in return.

I think she gets my point and so she spreads her legs open a little to let me see her underwear. Wow, she is looking so hot the way she flirts with me. Blood is rushing through my vein looking at her making naughty and suggestive moves. Foxy then lifts her legs up and drops her white underwear to her knees. I bet she must be very horny from our sex talk because I see a wet spot on her panty.

Foxy rolls down the window and waves her panty to other vehicles on the road. This girl is not shy at all. I can see how bad this chick is. She pulls her short skirt and starts touching her pussy gently. This whole time my dick is getting rock hard underneath my jean. Then she lifts her shirt up and shows me her round natural tits. I haven’t had a girl in quite a while and here she is. She folds her legs placing her feet against her butt and shows me her shaved pussy.

She unzips my jean as I drive and she starts to suck my hard cock just the way I like it. What a wonderful fantasy I am experiencing right now! She does it so perfectly and I almost cum off in her mouth. I quickly stop her because I really don’t want the fun to stop just yet. I pull off the car to an empty parking lot. We get out of the car and she sucks me a little more. I bend her over and get my thrusting cock in her hungry and dripping wet pussy.

I smash that pussy so hard for a quickie and she is yearning for it as well. She moans and whines with much pleasure. I spank her ass cheeks and notice her asshole is looking gorgeous. I get my dick out of her pussy and stick it in her ass hole. She is loving it a lot! I lay her on the cars seat with her legs wide apart and I give her a breath taking anal sex as I grab her boobs. She begins getting tighter and warmer. Eventually, she squirts a sharp jet in the air from her pussy as I cum inside her ass hole.

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