Sexy real estate agent Addie Andrews seduces her married client


Addie Andrew is a sexy real estate agent. Today, she has a home showing for a newlywed couple. Oliver and his wife intended to buy a house. As they take a tour around the opulent house, they find the yard is very well mown, and the couple seems to enjoy the view of a fountain by the yard. As they are having a good time by the fountain, Addie calls them over. They hold hands and walk towards Addie for a conversation.

Blonde babe Addie is looking all sexy in her white top, that is tucked into her short blue dress. Her blonde hair is neatly knotted at the nape of her neck.

After they all introduce themselves, Addie welcomes them to view the inside of the house. Just then, Oliver’s wife’s phone rings and she takes a step back to answer her phone. Addie pops her hip toward Oliver and caresses her busty melons on her chest seductively. Consequently, Oliver seems to stare and ogle at her big ass surreptitiously. Addie leads and Oliver follows, leaving his wife a little behind. She gets in just a few seconds later but goes to check the shelves while still on her phone. Addie and Oliver are in the living room just next to the kitchen where Oliver’s wife is. Addie has sneaky intentions, and she touches Oliver’s dick over his blue jean.

Oliver was so nervous as his wife is very close by. He points to his wife as a signal to stop Addie, but all in vain. Addie goes on her knees with only a waist-high wall separating them from Oliver’s wife. She unzips his pant and sucks his dick with so much determination to steal cum from his balls. Oliver’s wife goes on to check another room. A minute later, she comes back, almost catching them in the act. Olivers’s wife asks where the agent is while Addie ducks to hide from her. Oliver answers her, telling his wife that Addie went to another house to check on the paperwork.

While Oliver’s wife walks past them to look for Addie, they hurriedly fuck on a couch. They change and fuck against the wall with a big glass window. Addie holds onto the wall while Oliver fucks her from the back. Oliver’s wife, who is still on her call almost catches them again as she walks around. They shift and hide in a secret bedroom. Oliver fucks Addie vigorously as he spanks her ass. He covers her mouth with his hand to prevent his wife from hearing Addie’s loud moans. They switch between the doggy-style, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl among other positions before Addie mines hot cum from Oliver.

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Models: Addie Andrews

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