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It is on a Friday afternoon. I drive to Spur mall for the weekend shopping and park my new Jeep Wrangler in the mall parking zone. In 15 minutes, I am done with my shopping and head to the parking zone as I load the shopping to the trunk, and I am ready to hit the road. The vehicle is brand new and in mint condition, which prompts me to take a video of my new ride. Meanwhile, a beautiful and sexy blonde lady approaches me with much excitement.

She cannot hold her jubilation and asks me if I am the owner, to which I respond yes. She goes ahead and tells me it’s her dream car too. She poses at its front for some pictures and requests me to allow her to see the inside. For a moment, I think about it and almost say no, but I don’t want to kill her vibe. I invite her In, and she takes a collection of selfies for her memories.

Even more, she requests to ride in it, which I do candidly. After a few minutes, she tells me the car already makes her too horny and her pussy wet. For a moment, I’m confused and similarly excited about her intentions. She gently caresses my lap and asks if she can suck my dick. It has been quite a long time without it and so I park by the roadside for the frenzy.

This sexy hitchhiker gives me a pro-like sucking in her mouth before suggesting that we should go home for privacy. In 30 minutes, we arrive at my house and go to the poolside. She goes on her knees and unzips my blue jean, giving me a deep-throat fuck on my hard dick. I tuck my hand under her shorts and feel the warm dampness of her pussy. We rip off our clothes savagely and I lie on my back while she comes on me for a cowgirl fuck.

She rides on my dick as I caress her bouncy tits in my hands. After steamy sex on the poolside, we get to bed inside my house. She bends over for the doggy style, allowing me to smash her pussy mercilessly as I pull her hair. She has such a sporty and refined body. She moans in high pitches, motivating me to plow her even harder. This sexy hitchhiker is so hot and sexy, making me unable to control my cum. She realizes and wants me to cum inside her wet pussy. Eventually, I shoot hot loads of cum inside her as she sticks her finger inside her pussy and licks some.

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Models: sydney cole

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