Sexy brunette babe rewarded a stranger for helping her get down from the roof


Sexy brunette babe Charity Crawford is on a rooftop of a house. She seems stuck and cannot figure out how to get down to the ground. In fact, she squats on the roof out of desperation, trying to get someone to help her. Luckily, a neighbor walks by. He introduces himself as Tony Rubino. First, she tries to convince him to take a ladder to climb to the roof. Tony has a height phobia, so he declines her offer to take the ladder up.

Charity claims she knows how to get herself out of a sticky situations and begins seducing Tony. In fact, she pops out her tits and teases Tony to see how he would react. Tony loves what he sees and thinks Charity is making a good deal with him. They laugh about it as Tony eventually gets the ladder for her to get down. The sexy brunette babe is in her short blue booty dress and a pink top. She gets to the ladder and slowly descends to the ground. Tony enjoys the nice view of her pussy from below, where he holds the ladder.

After she gets to the ground, they share a high five to celebrate her help. Excitement is all over her face and she suggests they go cook at Tony’s house. Tony does not object, and she takes the lead. After getting to Tony’s house, a panty on the couch surprises Charity. She is still undeterred to reward Tony with a surprise.

On the stairway, she takes Tony’s cock in her warm mouth, giving him three glorious minutes of sucking. Charity complimented Tony that his dick is much bigger than her boyfriend’s. Then, Charity turned over on all fours as Tony pounds her wet pussy from behind mercilessly. They change over for the reverse cowgirl with Charity on top. The sexy brunette babe rides his cock, creaming on it as her perfect tits bounce on her chest. They change over for different positions and eventually, Charity lies on her back. She folds her legs, exposing her perfect flower of a pussy. It is so vivid that you can feel her muscles choking on Tony’s dick as you watch the video.

Tony pounds her wet and dripping pussy as she rubs her clit, getting her pussy flooded with thick juices. In a loud, screaming moan, Charity bursts with an intense orgasm. After a couple of minutes, Tony cannot hold his cum-filled balls. He withdraws his throbbing cock and, In a loud groan, shoots loads of cum into Charity’s waiting mouth.

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