Schoolgirl Ena Kasuga Had Sex With Boyfriend In Motel


My name is Ena Kasuga. I have known Tyson for 2 years now. My inexperience had me starving sexually but I was afraid of my boyfriend. It was impossible for me to induce orgasm alone. I finally chose to join my boyfriend at a motel. Tyson slowly opened the door and welcomed me, ‘You need not worry my love,’ he said, then assured me I was safe. All along I was thinking of how to handle a cock without fear.

After taking a bath, Tyson sat next to me and started caressing my tits. I trembled momentarily but I was completely turned on. He whispered into my ear “Ena Kasuga my love, I would love to play with your pussy!”. He then started playing with my clit which left me gasping for air, the sex toy immensely aroused me as the vibrations spread out in my vagina. I moaned desperately only wishing for a hard cock inside me to end my misery. My body became hotter as he inserted his finger into my pussy and stroked my clitoris repeatedly. I was so horny my pussy began to vibrate with the sensation of inevitably cum. Tyson placed the sex toy on my clit once again I went berserk, every nerve on my pussy was on edge, the sighs and moans quickly turned into groans as I cummed while pleading for more.

Tyson read the signs and moved closer, kissing me slowly from the neck with his hands on my hard nipples. Our lips locked together tightly as tongues rolled into each other’s mouths. I went crazy as my round boobs got harder and my pussy so wet like a spring. I closed my eyes and yearned for more, especially with his lips on my nipples licking me all over. My tight pussy was now ready for penetration, at list then I can forget the stresses at school and have a good fuck from Tyson. Instead, he had other ideas as I lied on back at his mercy. My boyfriend bent down on me with his long tongue curling into my pussy. He then spreads my legs so wide that the pink in my slit is visible and mercilessly strokes my clit with his soft tongue. Juices trickle down from cunt, but Tyson is relentless. He bends me over and concentrates on my ass, I lie on the couch like a dying fish. My moans turn into screams as he inserts the dildo deep into my pussy, the sound of the withdrawal is accompanied by the smell of cunt as I am left gasping for breath.

The monstrous cock is unleashed as I rub it gently with my hands and tongue simultaneously. He is fixated and groans as his dick enlarges in response, I then kneel to properly access his balls with my tongue while my left hand grips his dick stroking it gently. Tyson then instructs me to lie down on the couch while he inserts his hard boned cock into my pussy. Like a little kitten, I only scream in response to his rapid movements. My erotic adventure in a motel has bore fruit because for me this feeling is remarkable. I cannot absorb all the sweetness from Tyson, I turn my head as he grabs me tightly and hits it harder sensing, I am insatiable. 

You can do nothing but moan and enjoy as he pulls my ponytail still hitting my pussy hard from the back. His fast pace sets me up for a hard orgasm as cunt flows down my legs, after which I decide to ride on his cock moving up and down slowly, but he exerts a rapid upward movement only for me to rest on his chest accompanied by a passionate kiss. After a moment I am lying on my back again as he penetrates my wet pussy with passion, edging closer to the climax. Successive pumping at close contact leaves hot cunt in my pussy while his dick bows down after a job well done.

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Models: Ena Kasuga

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