Onlyfans sextape of hot college girl POV


One summer day, I’m taking a stroll around the pool area with my camera rolling and I find this slender, tall and beautiful brunette Jessica laying on one of the loungers by the poolside. She is super-hot and sexy with sunglasses on to shield her eyes from the scorching sun and a floral bra. I bet she is having a very good time. Since I have the camera with me, I immediately thought about making an onlyfans sextape of us. Quickly, I approach her, and I can tell that Jessica is quite shy of the camera. However, after breaking the ice, she starts to get comfortable.

You know the saying “I am hot, and I know it”? Yes, she is this type of girl. She is already excited and decides to show more to the camera. She pulls off the loop of string at the back of her bra and it falls to the ground, exposing a pair of elated tits. I start to caress them, and they feel as soft and tender as they looked. Jessica is getting horny and very excited as we head to our room.

Jessica unbuttons my jean and goes straight for my dick. She spits on her hand to wet it then offer me a hand job. She begins slowly and then faster as she goes. It’s really good as she gently squeezes my balls altogether and I am lost in another world. She does this for a couple of minutes and I begin to feel the urge to cum. She realizes it and continues the handjob  as she stares at me as if convincing me to cum now. The urge becomes uncontrollable and my veins on my hard dick dilates ready for what was coming. In no minutes I shoot a huge, thick and warm load of cum on her big tits.

She is also horny and it’s my time to work her out. She sits on a chair with her legs wide open showing me her wet pussy which was pulsing. I suck and nimble her clit and finger her hole. She holds my head in position for more pressure. As I continue licking her pussy, she begins to moan and that tells me to lick her harder. She starts breathing heavily and her pussy starts pulsating faster than before. I notice that she is about to reach climax and so I do it with much energy. It doesn’t take long before her whole body starts trembling and her muscles become uncontrollable. She lets out one big scream as she cum really hard. I see the flow of love juices from her pussy as she smears it with her middle finger. Jessica is a sweet teen for all pussy eaters.

It was our first onlyfans sextape. We watched it after and had a good laugh about it!

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