Olivia Mae Hookup After A Hot Date


Olivia Mae is so pumped about her date with Peter, and she is all smiles as she gets settled in the passenger seat of his Jeep. The beauty looks stunning in her shimmering grey top, a short black skirt, and knee-high boots. Peter compliments how good she looks, and he refuses to disclose where they are going. Later on, they get to a nice bar restaurant, order vodkas, and add shots later as they chat. “I am a big fan,” he said, staring at her snatched body which shocked Olivia. When the drinks kick in, she insists they leave the club and convinces him to return to her place.

On getting to her packing lot, she cannot help but lift her top to show her small boob, which drives Peter crazy. The hot guy grabs her boob and squeezes it as they walk to her house and head straight to her bedroom. Olivia Mae is drunk and can hardly stand straight when Peter caresses her nipples. All she can think of is his dick, so she pushes his arm off her titties and kneels and unzips his pants, exposing his cock. Holding his dick, she starts to suck the tip, which makes his dick grow and get hard in her mouth. Olivia Mae then deep throats his massive cock while looking up at him with her seductive brown eyes. Sucking his dick feels so good, and you can see her saliva on his hard-on as she holds her boob. Taking off her top reveals her small perky boobs, which she runs her fingers through to turn him on.

Afterward, she gets up, bends over with her hand on the bed, and starts shaking her booty. Slowly she pulls down her skirt, making Peter squeeze her ass cheek. Her tight, shaved pussy and lovely butthole are so tempting you want to lick them. Feeling so aroused, she puts her fingers on her pussy and rubs it, which makes her so wet. Without hesitation, he beats her pussy with his enormous dick to tease her as she begs him to put it in. Peter dips his manhood in her, which makes her moan softly, encouraging him to give it to her hard. This guy grabbed her tiny waist or support as he fucked her while she threw her ass back for him.

To spice things up, he lays on her bed, and she sucks his huge cock that you can see over her cheekbones. The stunning babe then gets on top of his dick and starts riding the shit out of him. As she moves up and down his groin, her round boobs bounce, and she grabs them, pressing them against each other. Olivia Mae puts her legs on his chest and continues to fuck him when Peter grabs her boob and pinches her nipple.

”It’s my turn to pound you,” Peter said in a flirty tone as she got off his dick and lay on her back. He fucks her in missionary with slow strokes as he feels friction between his cock and her wet vagina walls. This makes Olivia Mae groan as her titties jiggle with every thrust. Seeing how good she feels, he increases his pace and goes deeper making her eye look like she is possessed. The faster he fucks her, the louder Mae screams and holds on to her sheets from all the pleasure. She then rubs her pussy as he pounds her, which makes him want to cum. Peter pulls out his dick and starts wanking it, then he cums on her waist, and some of it gets in her navel.

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