Long distance relationship lovers Sabrisse and Nancy make out passionately


Nancy and I are in a long-distance relationship. We are long-time lovers. She has a pretty face, and her body curves are charming. Nancy comes over to my place to check on me as we catch up with each other. She finds me in my bedroom where I’m just resting. We are very happy to see each other. We decide to celebrate each other with joyful hugs and several kiss here and there. Nancy and I talk over many things and do some girly stuff too as we laugh around with excitement. I keep stealing glances at her with admiration, and she notices what I was doing. She asks, “what’s up Sabrisse”? And I quickly respond, “I miss you a lot”.

I confess to her how much I miss her beautiful body and her pretty face. We have not met in a long time, and I badly need a good sex with her. As we are facing each other, Nancy is gently playing with my hair. I’m admiring her beautiful face, which I have not seen for quite a while. After a little cuddling, we close in for gentle kisses, which gets me very horny and wet. I get on top of her, and we continue kissing in that position. I ground my starved pussy on her thigh, rubbing my clit on her. Then, I go down to lick her pussy and she loves it.

She lays me on my back, and I open my legs for her. She plays with my wet dripping pussy with her fingers as if to smear the thick fluid. Nancy warmly rolls her tongue from my inner thighs towards my cunt, getting me very horny. She then sucks my pussy which drives me crazy as she fingers me.

She comes on top of me, and we begin scissoring and rubbing our wet pussies together, which feels great. After that, we suck each other in the 69 position and the view of her pussy from below is awesome. We suck each other until we reach orgasm. Our lustful desires have now been tamed as we relax on bed, pleased and happy with each other.



Models: nancy / nancy a

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