I slept with my girlfriend’s sister Abella Danger in her mom’s office


My name is Lucas. I have been recently employed in a company which the boss is my girlfriend’s mother. Today after we close the office, I remain in my cubicle waiting for my girlfriend and her mom to return. Hours pass and boredom starts kicking in. I’m all alone thinking of what could have happened to them. I decide to wait for them a little longer.

Just then, someone pushes the door and I’m relieved thinking that they have returned. But wait, it is someone else. A pretty brunette chick in a black crop top walks in. She says hi and introduces herself as Abella Danger, my girlfriend’s sister. She goes ahead and tells me that every new employee is left alone like me as a test. I get curious and ask her several other questions to find out more about this “test”.

However, one of her answers catches my attention when she tells me she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She seems very concerned with me asking whether I’m just going to stay in that room all alone. I don’t know where to go and she offers to show me around. We walk around several offices before we get to one big and spacious one with a lot of books and files.

She shuts the door this time unlike in the other offices. I ask her where we are, and she tells me that it’s her mom’s office. She begins to touch me intimately while kissing me which I shun. I don’t deny the fact that she has such an alluring body but wait a minute, she is my girlfriend’s sister! She grabs me and kisses me amorously. Her pussy definitely needs attention!

Abella is sexy and I will have myself to blame for wasting a chance with such a goddess. We quickly undress and she sucks my already hard dick. I suck and finger her pussy making her wet. I quickly lay over the huge table with her face up aligning her pussy to my hard dick as is stand. Then, I slide it in her slit and pump it hard as she rubs her clit.

I then turn her over with her feet on the ground and tummy and big boobs rest on the table. Quickly, I enter her from behind and give her a rough vigorous fuck. She likes hard thrusts and begs for more. I smash her tight and wet pussy with much energy. She begins to moan loudly. I fall in love with her husky voice. She tells me that she is almost there and so I hit her pussy voraciously making her reach orgasm intensely. Her body trembles and her muscles cramp with sensitivity and pleasure.

I can’t believe I actually just slept with my girlfriend’s sister in her mom’s office. It might go down as one of the craziest fantasies I have ever had in my life. You should watch the whole video here.

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