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I (Aften Opal) went for an interview today after applying for a job as a housekeeper nanny. While sitting there being interviewed, I became extremely horny out of nowhere. I had worn a dress with no panties on. You always need to be prepared. So, I nervously slid my folder over my groin and reached my hand under my dress and began to finger myself while he was asking me the interview questions. As far as I could tell, I made it through the whole interview by fingering myself without him noticing.

Afterwards, I asked him where the restroom was and proceeded down the hall to where he had pointed me. Once inside the restroom, I played my favorite porn video and pulled up a stool so that I could finish what I started. It didn’t take long before I made myself climax and exited the bathroom. Once back in the den with the man I was going to baby sit for, he asked me if I could start immediately, and I agreed. It was the first day on the job and I had already masturbated once during the interview, but something came over me and I became really horny again.

After getting the child down for a nap, I proceeded to make my way into the guest room, and once again turned on my favorite porn. I began masturbating again and had a full-blown session to myself. It was amazing. I had finished just in time to hear someone pulling in the drive, and I quickly gathered myself. It was the man of the house, and he made his way into the room where I was and said that he needed to discuss something with me.

We sat down on the edge of the bed, and he began to tell me that they had security cameras in all the rooms, and he was worried about my well-being because he had witnessed some unusual behavior. I blushed instantly, for I knew that he had seen me masturbating, and I was a little embarrassed because I knew this wasn’t how a typical housekeeper nanny should be behaving. After a long discussion and some most revealing truths, he told me that instead of firing me he may have another solution. I asked him what that may have been, and he replied with “since you take care of my son, then maybe you could take care of me also.” I needed this job more than anything and he was pretty hot, so I agreed without any argument.

We got down to business right off, and I discovered he had a huge cock as I took him into my mouth and began to explore him with my tongue. I sucked on him bobbing up and down on his shaft for some time and made sure that he was as hard as I needed him. I then let him eat my pussy and returned the favor. After getting me close to exploding, he let off and jammed his rock-hard cock into my pussy. He then pounded on me for what seemed like an eternity and flipped me over to hit me from behind. I could feel myself getting closer as he again switched my positions and put me on top of him, reverse cowgirl style. I rode his back like this for some time, and I could feel his climax building as well as my own. It wasn’t long after that we both cried out in pleasure and began to cuddle with one another. Afterward, we got dressed and departed, and I decided that day that this was the best job anyone could have.

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Models: Aften Opal

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