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Hot yoga student Hazel made out with her instructor


I am a Yoga instructor in Liverpool. Tuesday is usually not a busy day for me. I only have appointment with one or two students for the day. Hazel Moore, my hot Yoga student comes in the training hall in a white high rise seamless panty and a jogging bra. She places her black Nike bag in the shelf and comes over to me. She always wears a yoga pant and a t-shirt but seeing her in this outfit sends my hormones rushing. Anyway, we say hi and have a chit chat as I stretch a training mat on the floor for her.

We start with a few stretching exercises to prepare her body for the yoga. Today she is in good mood, and I notice she is acting hyper than normal and laughing a lot. I instruct her to lie on her back over the mat and she does so without hesitation. I massage her foot and bend her against her flat tummy for stretching. Then, I massage the back of her thigh and she chuckles. For several occasions we lock eye contact. I assume nothing happened but deep in me, she sends a chilling sensation through my spine.

I keep looking for ways to touch her smooth and curvy body. Subtly, I touch her ass to try my luck and she turns her face to me holding a smile by pressing her lips together. We do a few more stretches and it’s time for her to jog. I set the timer on my phone, and she begins jogging. My eyes are all glued on this alluring figure of a hot woman as her busty tits bounce on her chest. Nasty intentions kick in and I begin fantasizing with her in bed. I stop the timer and, she stops to wipe off her sweat with the back of her wrist.

I don’t know where I get the confidence but for the first time, I hold and kiss her. To my surprise she holds my waist and kisses me back. My mind switches off as I’m completely lost in her world. I shake my head in disbelief to make sure I’m not dreaming.

Anyway, we continue with exercises and it’s time for squats. I stand behind her back holding her waist and I feel the well-shaped curves as I look at her big ass. Every time she goes down and up in her squats, I press my body against her big and round ass. She is sweating and I bring her a towel. I look deep in her eyes reading a deep desire hidden inside her bold eyes. She asks me “what?” and I answer her “nothing” drawing in closer for another kiss. We kiss fondly and I hold her ass cheeks in my hands behind her back. After kissing for a while, the bulge under my pants become bigger and I cannot hide it anymore. She gropes on it and presses me harder against her making me rock hard.

I want to take off her bra but she takes it off herself. First, I caress her sweet melons in my hands and kiss her nipples which hardens almost immediately. Then, I carry her in my hands and take her over the couch. I gently pull off her panty, and she raises her legs in the air easing the removal. Her well-trimmed pussy is inviting. Her small clit is sneaking out of her damp pussy lips.

I go down sucking out her pussy like crazy. She sucks my dick and I loose memory almost cumming inside her mouth. I slide my hard dick inside her steaming pussy and smash it mercilessly. We change over for the doggy and she holds her ass cheeks apart as I pump her ass vigorously. She cringes her vaginal muscles and I cannot hold any longer. I pump one last deep thrust in her clenching my ass as I shoot a hold bulky load of cum inside her.

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