Hot naked brunette had sex during camping


It was a hot July afternoon, late in the afternoon, and me and my boyfriend had just finished discussing a weekend trip to go camping in the mountains. We both decided that a small getaway like camping would benefit us greatly. We decided to leave on that coming Friday afternoon, and he dropped me off at home. I was so excited, with our trip only being a day away, that I instantly started to prepare. While packing a small bag with a few clothing items and essential needs, I ran across my bicycle in the top dresser drawer.

I started to fantasize about our weekend alone in the woods, and the possibility of being fucked out in the open and turned on my vibrator. It didn’t take me long before I was ready to go, thinking about the thoughts of someone catching us fucking out in the open. Afterwards, I continued to pack and was eager to get this weekend started. I finished packing and took my shower, then got dressed in my most comfortable pants and bra and laid down on my bed. It wasn’t long before I drifted off to sleep.

That night, I dreamed of our camping trip. In my dream, we came upon another couple also trying to get away for the weekend. We enjoyed each other’s company around a campfire and then figured that was it for the night, but we were wrong, for the hot naked brunette that we had just met had other plans. Later on into the night, she snuck back up to our camp site and surprised me when I looked up to see her in only a night shirt that exposed over half of her body. She began to tell me about her troubles in her sex life with the guy she was with earlier. Not too long into our conversation, we had come closer together and began to touch each other.

In my dream, me and the hot naked brunette were going at it, at a steady pace, when I looked up and saw my boyfriend stroking himself. She noticed him too, and we came together and had the most amazing threesome you could imagine. I woke up the next morning, still half wet from my shower, and realized my boyfriend was in the driveway waiting on me. I got dressed in a short skirt and bikini top in a hurry and ran out to meet him. He welcomed me with a warm welcome kiss and gave my ass a smack as he told me to get in.

We arrived at the campsite just a little before dusk, and as he started to set up our tent, I took it upon myself to build a campfire. Not long after we had arrived, our work was finished, and I couldn’t help but recall my dream from the night before. Lost In my erotic thoughts, I almost forgot my surroundings until I heard my boyfriend ask me what I was thinking about. I told him about my dream I had the night before, and as I was describing our threesome to him, I began to suckle on his thick cock.

I licked him like my favorite lollipop and told him of the hot naked brunette that we both had enjoyed fucking, and his shaft became stronger and stronger inside my mouth. He was fingering my wet pussy while I sucked his cock, and I began to feel myself climax. Moaning out in great pleasure, I released myself. It was only seconds after that that he began to cum in my mouth and I swallowed all of his juices. After that, we lay beside each other in the tent and looked up at the stars, probably still fantasizing about the hot naked brunette, and it wasn’t long before we drifted off to sleep.

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Models: Ella Milano

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