Hot blonde taking in a massive dick


Britney Beth is one hot blonde teen with a stunning body. She has got curves every man would die for. As we stand, she is quite shorter than me, giving me a full view of her flawless body. I gently wrap my hand around her waistline and grab her right into me, and she screams with joy. Now we are looking at each other face to face. I am starting to see the lust that is all over her gorgeous face. She has so much desire that is hidden in her eyes, as she stares at me with her mouth half-open with sweet-looking lips.

I kiss her perfect body all over. She starts to breathe heavily as I carry her off to the king-size bed. She lies on her back, showing her well-rounded, full boobs. I loosen off my shower cloak and go right over her, caressing her body all over. She holds my cock with her soft hands and strokes it gently.

I ‌touch her already erect clit and she let out one big exhalation as if she had been holding her breath. All along I am sucking her nipples and she can’t help moving her body sensually as I insert a finger in her wet cunt and begin fingering her. She is getting horny at this point. Then, she starts rubbing her clit with the tip of my massive dick, and gently places it on her open and wet pussy.” It is huge,” she says, as I look at her mercilessly like a lion ready to destroy her tight twat. She can hardly take it with the first time. But I gently shove it in, and she jerks a little behind with her eyes wide open as I fuck her faster with every time.

Britney likes to take control at this point. Then, she gets on top and rides me like a pro. Her juice is dripping on me and creaming on my hard pole. I fuck the hell out of her, and she squirts like a jet, begging me for more. I spank her and her ass turns red as I fuck her harder than before, making her squirt on me yet again. She is a good bitch, I tell you. I turn her to the side and spoon her like crazy. She pushes her butt against me, allowing me to get even deeper. Her pussy gets warmer and hotter. I cum inside her and groan like a lion, which‌ she likes a lot. 

What an awesome night Britney Beth and I had!

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