Hot blonde seduced a chef then fucked him


I am alone in the house preparing dough on my kitchen table. This good-looking blonde Kiara Lord walks in. She is wearing a black light leather jacket and a super short mini skirt. Kiara breaks the ice by asking me, “what are you doing” and I respond by telling her that I want to make some bread. She tells me that she finds me very attractive working in the kitchen, and she gets turn on looking at me.

Kiara leans on the wall and erotically starts undressing right in front of my eyes. I am a little shy about her because she is younger. But I have not seen such a beautiful curvy diva in a long time, and so I ‌steal some glances at her. She is super-hot and swings her body slowly and sensually against the wall. I get turned on and cannot hold it anymore. My eyes are stuck on her amazing curvy body.

I look at her with admiration from head to toe. My eyes are glued on her pair of natural good looking tits and her nipples points at me. She is in a snow white sleek panty which she gently drops to the ground with affection. The sexual urge is printed all over her face as she cat walks towards me. She licks her finger and swings her head to the right, throwing her hair to the side.

She walks and holds me from the back, breathing warm air on my shoulders, which gets me wanting more of her. I turn around and we kiss fondly with her and it sets the mood in. She leads me to a chair where I lie on my back and she gives me a mind blowing blow job. She bends over me, aligning her wet slit above my mouth where I suck her pussy. We need sex and she bends over for a doggy over the kitchen table. She then goes down on her knees and wanks my dick, making me cum over her breast.

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