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My hot blonde babe Tracy Loves, and I have planned for a date to a lavish hotel. I take a shower and get dressed ready to leave as our SUV is idling outside. She also takes a shower and goes to get dressed in our bedroom. She takes longer than I expected, and so I go to check on her. Tracy is wearing her makeup and looking stunningly beautiful. I leave to give her space and wait for her in the living room.

She really is testing out my patient and I go back one more time to check on her. I find her in a white top netted from her navel downwards. She begs me for a minute, and I walk out again. After ten minutes she is not out yet and I go back to our bedroom a bit upset. I open the door and I don’t see her. I assume she is pulling a prank on me, and I look for her under the bed.

In a surprise she hugs me from the back and goosebumps run over my body. The fragrance of her sweet cologne fills the room.

I turn to her, and she is looking glamorous. She hugs me and gives me a warm erotic kiss. She goes on unbuttoning my shirt as she kisses me downward towards my tummy. I lean on her make up table as she squats unzipping my jean taking out my dick. Tracy gives me gentle strokes on her hands making me as hard as a rock. She licks the underside of my hard dick from the base to the head. She then goes on to sucking my dick in her warm mouth as if to suck out the cum in my balls.

I tease her pussy over her panties, and she goes on all fours over the bed. I take off her panties and rub her clit gently with my thumb as she bends over. She is getting horny and begging me to fuck her right away which I don’t hesitate. I stick my hard cock inside her pussy, and she begins thrusting on it. She turns over and lies on her back facing upwards. I slide my cock in her gaping pussy and she wants to be fucked hard. I smash her tight pussy vigorously to the point I’m almost cumming inside her. Immediately, I withdraw my dick and cum over her tummy and she smiles happily. After that quick steamy sex, we dress up again and leave for our date all smiles.

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