Gorgeous Asian babe made out with lover multiple times


It’s in the middle of the night and Lee so Hee can hardly sleep out of heat. She rolls over and over the bed and removes her white sweater and blue jean. I’m late from work and I go to the kitchen where she finds me and takes a glass of water. I take off my jacket and I’m now in a white T-shirt on our bed ready to sleep. She sashays towards me in her grey silk night dress and sleeps next to me.

I touch caress her thick thighs and she is in the mood too. We romance and cuddle which end out in a steamy sex, and we sleep off late in the night. The following night, we go to VIP room in one of the karaoke lounges around town. We order some drinks, and we are all alone in the room. I start to think about yesterday’s session and begin to touch her thighs which she first objects. Then, she gives in we start kissing which gets interrupted by a knock on the glass door. We quickly act normal and the lady who was knocking leaves.

We take a few sips and get back to romance. Just a moment later, the lady knocks and throws the door open walking in on us and he tells us to leave. I collect my jacket then we leave our drinks and walk out holding hands. We arrive to her home and go straight to her bedroom in psych of what we had started. We are all horny and in a rush. We start cuddling and we don’t even realize we are at the edge of the bed. We fall to the floor but who cares? We laugh about it, and I carry her on my hands back on the bed. Just before I get her panty off, her mother comes to her room and finds us. She picks her phone to call her dad and we plead with her not to. Seems like today is not our lucky day.

We move to another room and continue making out. Yet again water bottle falls off from a desk that was shaking from our vigorous activity and causes electric shock on a power extension. My feet are on the floor which gets me electrocuted from the flowing water passing it on to my lover Lee So Hee. We just can’t do it and we doze off with her on top of me.

We can’t wait to make love to each other, and we don’t give up easily. We kiss amorously as I caress her tits and kiss her body all over. I am so horny at this point, so I start stripping her naked. I sit on the bed and she sits on me as we kiss. I touch her pussy and she is so wet. She takes my cock in and rides me with the much needed energy and we reach orgasm together. It feels great after such a long search of pleasure.

We take a birthday cake home to celebrate her birthday. After we have the cake its late in the night and we are heavy with sleep. We dive into the sheets and the urge to make out sets in. We make love together again and fall into deep slumber over the night from the hot sex we had.

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