Veronica Leal loves playing with cum

Veronica Leal worked at a national club and recently she had been asked to promote the business by sharing some thoughts and ideas on twitter. She began doing so and ended up being surprised by the amount of activity that the post created. She began asking some of the social media fans of the club how they would like to see her perform or what they fantasized about being done to her. A few weeks after the post had gone viral on twitter and other social media platforms, she was scheduled to show up at the club for her regular shift at some time around 5pm.

After arriving she was clocked in and struck up a conversation with a few individuals that she worked with. It was early and the club had not yet started up that much. They discussed things in general and some of them talked about other things they do outside the job. By doing so this raised the topic of what Veronica Leal done outside of working at the club, which was as a private entertainer as well as going to college. Her co-workers seemed to get a kick out of hearing her share about some of her experiences as a private entertainer especially when she told them about playing with cum.

veronica leal loves playing with cum

Veronica also had shared some of her encounters on Twitter and other social media platforms recently and you would be surprised at how many people like playing with cum. A bunch of her followers thought of it to be a lot of fun and suggested that she soon make a post of her playing with cum also. She soon did and she had many responses out of that post as well as her others. It was now around 7pm and there were more and more people starting to enter the club, so she started to prepare herself for one hell of a night unlike the normal since all these posts had gone out on social media about her playing with cum she expected that this night may be a little more extraordinary but hoped on it bringing her good tips.

As the bar filled up and people began to get tipsy some of the customers started to get on her nerves a little with aggravating little remarks and different drunken acts, but she was used to it she ignored it and continued to make her money. She noticed new people pouring in and expected that they were some of the ones that had been following her post. They seemed to be intrigued at the run of things and everyone seemed to be having a really good time. Veronica Leal met a few individuals that had mentioned her post on what they would like to see done to her and it struck up a few uncomfortable but exciting conversations. As more and more of the conversations moved toward the actual event happening in real life, she heard someone yell “Let the games begin!”

It was her boss and he had decided to go on and play what was suggested on social media, which involved golf. This did not surprise Veronica Leal at all considering the club was associated with golf and other things of the sort. The game seemed a bit confusing at first and maybe a bit ridiculous but nonetheless she went along with it because she expected it to bring her a lot more cash than she would make on a normal night. The point score of the game was as follows… Tits=1, Ass=2, Pussy=3, Mouth=4, and my body was now a live target for drunken individuals to focus on.

Some of the members of the club and other individuals volunteered to be obstacles to make things a little harder for people to hit the target. They used small cloth balls so that the impact would not be harmful as she was hit by the game players and would have all her teeth when the game was finished. At the beginning of each ones turn she would pick a contestant and they would have to draw a card from a deck of cards that had different positions wrote on them. After drawing that card, she would get into the position that was on the card and then they would draw another card from the deck, which had the body parts on them. They would then attempt to hit the area, tits, ass, pussy, or mouth, with the ball and if they succeeded, they would be allowed to slap, pinch or pin a clothespin to the spot in which they hit along with acquiring points.

The individual with the most points at the end has to drink the drink of their choice from anywhere they wanted off her body. The game took off and became really fun. Some of the people were weary at first but the game grew on them rather quickly. The men were all hot and bothered now and knowing about her post of playing with cum made her look even sexier to some, as well as knowing that she was single and fuckable. Veronica Leal was surprised a fight had not broken out yet and things seemed to be going well for the night. The game continued and people added ideas and things as they went along to spice it up more. Men and women were racking up points as the game moved forward and after about an hour, they had one person in the lead with 10 or more points and he was named to be the lucky winner.

He had placed somewhere around 15 clothes pins on her, and others had placed more so she could not wait to remove them, especially from her pussy, which was red, and swollen by now. The winner picked his drink of choice a suggested that it be poured over her pussy so that it would run down her legs, and he could suck it from her feet. The twisted freak also suggested that she might pee while doing it, but she decided against it, and he was just as good with just drinking it like it was. The liquor was cold just as she had expected but she had not quite prepared to the fullest. A few others liked this idea and joined in pouring a few more drinks over her body, and she could have done without all the extras, and it soon began to get aggravating, she would much rather be playing with cum on social media.

While this was going on her nipples were pinched with plastic clips and a collar and chain was placed on her as well and then came the blindfold. Each person was given a number from 1-10 and she was told to spread her legs so that each player could get in 4 good thrusts. Her pussy had been prodded to death at this point in the night and it had absorbed excessively many mixed drinks and other juices. Her pussy was so tight and closed off that it nearly would not let anyone enter. Veronica would like to be fucked but not like this but however that was no longer up to her during her work hours. One man stopped early of his four thrust and came instantly but to her surprise he licked up his own mess.

The men kept lining up with their hard cocks out and she was now attached to a rope being swung around to different cocks, she wished she knew which person was which, but she could not tell because of the blindfold. She wanted to know who was in her mouth at the time and see the cock to see if it was someone who had recently fucked her. Veronica Leal tasted herself on a few of them and this excited her. She tasted great. She wanted to cum so bad and began to challenge some of them in return she would be punished, and this is what she liked. Soon she was cumming finally, but it was a challenge. It was now around 10pm and she needed a break for some water and to freshen up a little from all the throat fucking and playing with cum. The person that won this time has to pick the way they wanted to be fucked by her and the winner suggested that she ride him.

At this point with still no break she felt the need to pee, and Veronica asked him if he would like her to piss on him and he said yes. She pissed all over his cock prior to sitting on it and another one of the runner up winners ran up behind her and put his cock in her ass while the third runner up placed his into her mouth. She was now stuffed full of cock and cum. They came at different times and at the end of this session she had a total of 6 different men in her ass, 3 in her pussy and 7 in her throat. As the last man came in her ass someone placed a butt plug in her. This she knew was a sign of a break and she was a little relieved. After the break I was told to eat out the men’s wives while some of them would whip me.

I was put back on my rope and one of the men was taking me around to each pussy. At around 12 am everyone was worn out, but a couple of men suggested one more casual fuck before they left. Veronica Leal got home at somewhere around 2:30 am and was completely drained from playing with cum. After she arrived, she took a shower and washed all the sticky cum and other juices off her. She felt the need for a good back massage and some hot tea, but she did admit that the night had been a lot of fun. The next day her body was sore all over and bruised in a few different places. She reminisced on the events of the night before and sat down to start making her social media post.

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