My girl Kaylen Ward made me cum on her in a public park

It was a warm summer day and me and my girlfriend Kaylen Ward (lilearthangelk aka kaybaby1 or THE NAKED PHILANTHROPIST) decided to take a stroll in the local park. When we arrived, you could see kids running and playing in the park, and others with their dogs, playing fetch. It was a beautiful day! We walked so close together that you would have thought we were connected at the hip, and we both appeared to be truly happy. She was wearing a colorful, sundress that came up just above the knee, and when she twisted around you could catch a glimpse of her dark colored panties, and all I wanted to do now was to cum on her. I could make out the v in between her legs barely concealed by her dress. As I looked around, I realized that no one else was paying us any attention.

We found a comfortable seat overlooking a nice view of the park and watched the other people as they strolled through the park also. Kaylen Ward had her head lying on my shoulder and every once in a while, I would peer down at her. All of the sudden the wind blows a gust of wind up her dress, this time from above and allows me another look at what she has on beneath it. She was wearing a dark colored criss cross brassiere that matches her thong. My dick throbs with pleasure at the sight of her and the thought of me cum on her body.

I reached underneath her and began rubbing her perfect round ass with one hand, while with the other I caressed her upper thigh. I slowly worked my way up beneath her dress and I could feel her bare skin against my hand. It seemed like I heard her make a light panting noise as I continued to caress her body. She stiffened up a little and straightened her body, and her new position gave me more access than before. “What do you think you’re doing?” she asks. I replied to her with a small grin, followed by silence.

Kaylen Ward and I at the park made out then I cum on her

Finally, I leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Don’t you know that you’re mine and that I can do anything that I want with you!” Gliding my hand toward the lower end of her back, I pressed my nails in a little harder. Much to my surprise, she let out a small shout. I could tell that it was a muffled shout, being that we were in public, and I suppose that she was in fear of someone hearing her. I continued to tease her, this time reaching up and undoing the fasten of her bra, pulling it back a bit and letting it go so that it smacks her bare skin a little. I heard her groan again, and I was sure if this continues, she would not be able to be this quite for long.

Her legs close together in resistance as I continue to turn her on even more, and I’m pleased at the sight of her. I took off my coat and laid it over my lap so that no one would notice my stiff cock rising up out of my jeans. I then took her by the hand and slowly guided her underneath the coat and onto my dick. “Jack me off right here, you dirty whore!” I murmured into her ear as I nibbled on it a little with my tongue, followed by soft kisses down her neck. I see the hairs on her neck stand up, and she was overcome with goose bumps as my lips wandered around her neck.

I felt her grab my big cock with more force and started to tug on it in a slow rhythm. At this point, all I wanted to do was cum on her body. Kaylen Ward looked at me with the sexiest look ever while biting down on her lower lip and gave me another squeeze. My cock is now throbbing, and I am sure she can feel it growing in her hands. She then slides her hand down through the top of my shorts and grasped me fully while gently tugging on my cock. I spread my legs a little wider allowing her more access and she develops a steady pace. The jacket that I had placed on my lap was moving all over the place and if anyone noticed, there is no telling what they thought.

Kaylen Ward helped me cum on her

We got lost in our erotic moment together and to us it seemed that we were the only ones in the park at the time. Kaylen Ward continues to jack me off making me want to cum on her more and more by the second, but I hold myself back. I took her hand out of my shorts and stood up for a moment, noticing that my shorts seemed to be pitching a tent with my full erection. I ask her to join she and me complied, following me out into a more secluded area of the park. We were glad that we were able to find such secluded area in this crowded park, and I wasted no time pulling her behind a tree and taking her from behind.

After I had entered her pussy from the back and gave it a few strokes to prime it up, I demanded that she hit her knees. She did not hesitate, she knew exactly what to do, I had trained this little whore well. Kaylen Ward quickly yanked my shorts down exposing my throbbing hard cock and massages all of it with both hands including my balls. She began to lick from my balls up to my shaft and as far as possible until she reached the head. While looking up at me with those sexy eyes she took my entire dick in her mouth, and I felt the back of her throat tighten down on me. She stopped and rest on it for a moment after she has it fully swallowed. My rigid, strong cock gagged her so much that I could see her eyes start to water a little.

Kaylen Ward released my dick from her mouth and spits all over it, while jerking it with both hands again. I noticed then that one of her hands was underneath her dress and she was playing with her pussy while fulfilling my deepest desires. “God, I wanted to cum on her so bad!” I took her by the back of the head, feeding my cock down her throat, moving my hips back and forth, gliding in and out of her hot, wet mouth. I picked up the pace and started fucking her throat harder and faster. I felt her tongue twirling around my cock as I pressed into her throat more and more with each motion.

Kaylen Ward helped me cum on her

A couple walked by us, and I thought they had seen what we were doing because I heard one of them let out a low blow. As they pass by, she looked up with a stream of saliva and pre cum stringing from her mouth. I could only imagine what they may have thought at the sight of us. To my surprise, the other couple looked back at us and applauded with the go-ahead. Being seen by the other couple seemed to turn Kaylen on even more and she continued stroking my cock while fingering her pussy. The couple approached us and the girlfriend with him bent down and pulled my girlfriends hair out of her face so that she could take the cock with no distractions.

My girlfriend was taken by surprise a little but looked at the girl up and down before finally nodding with approval. She gently stroked my girlfriend’s cheek before giving her a light kiss. Their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths and now I could really feel myself wanting to cum on her. The girl then giggled a little while slapping my cock up against my girlfriend’s face and forcing it into her mouth slamming her head down on it making her gag again and again. Suddenly our company got up and strolled away looking back at the two of us, noticing how horny she must have gotten us.

Kaylen Ward propped herself up with her hands on my legs and began to deep throat my cock once again, switching from my dick to my balls she saturated me in her spit. I could hardly contain myself and I told her that I am about to cum. I pulled out of her mouth and told her to catch every drop of my juice. “Stick out your tongue and open your mouth, now!” I exclaimed. I began showering her face in cum and the sensation was overwhelming me, causing me to lose control of everything around me. I cum on her face and all around her cheeks, landing a few drops on her tongue every so often, and she swallowed the cum that she caught in her mouth. Kaylen Ward wiped my cum away from her eyes and then licked the leftovers off her fingertips. She looked at me and smiled while she enjoyed every single drop of my manhood.

Kaylen Ward Helped Me Cum On Her Again

I told her that I was far from finished with her and my balls were still half-full. I lifted her up and turned her over; she clutched a nearby tree for some stability. I felt to my knees, lifting her plump round ass up and exposing her pussy from behind. I threw my cock in her and pounded her hard. Then I gave her cheeks a smack, punishing her for being the whore that she had been. Kaylen Ward moaned out in a sound of torture and pleasure mixed and I tore her thong out of the way to expose her tight little ass hole. She looked so welcoming with all of the juices dripping from her pussy to her ass hole.

I pulled her dress all the way down and tore it off her spreading her legs as far apart as I could. I then spread apart her ass cheeks and spit on her tight little ass whole. Without any further notice, I plunge my cock in her ass and she let out a scream that everyone must have heard. After I fucked her ass very good, I went down on her and licked all around the hole I had just been in. I then made my way to her soaking wet pussy and buried my face between her legs. Probing at her clit with my tongue in small round circles, I licked her up and down from back to front. I was lapping all of her juices up and she tasted so good that I did not want to stop.

Just like any time that we fucked, eating her out was only a benefit to me and brought me no harm. I loved the taste of her and could not wait for the times that I could taste her sweet pussy. I got back up and buried my dick in her once again and she moaned out my name. I could feel my balls smacking up against her ass as my rhythm built stronger and stronger. Nearby birds fled the scene at the sound of her groaning. I wrapped her hair up in my hand and pulled her head back to me while pumping my throbbing dick into her repeatedly. I am now beating that pussy up and I slide my hand around to grab one of her tits. I squeeze it lightly while pulling her hair still with the other hand and steady pumping myself in and out of her tight pussy.

Kaylen Ward helped me cum on her

Picking up my pace, I began to pound her harder and faster and her face was pressed against the trunk of the tree. I then pulled myself out of her and rested against the tree that she was on while requesting that she come ride my cock. Like the good little whore that she is, she complied. Kaylen Ward slid herself down onto my dick and I wanted to cum on her again. I finished yanking off her bra and caressed her boobs while she bounced up and down on my cock. I gave them a playful smack a time or two and when I did, I felt her pussy clench down on my cock even tighter. “Ride me faster!” I demanded. Again, Kaylen Ward was a good girl, so she did as I said. She was bouncing all over my dick, her tits swinging in the air with the rhythm. She smacked her clit lightly while continuing to ride me and I could feel her pulsate with joy. Both of us were drawing near to a climax and she kept fucking me harder and faster until she pushed herself over the top, and I felt her hot release drip all down my balls. I began to cum with her and I felt her pussy walls close in on me tightly. Everything seemed to disappear as I floated off in pure ecstasy and we released ourselves all over each other.

Finally, after some time we snapped out of our oblivion and came back to our senses. Kaylen Ward began getting dressed and I took it upon myself to assist her with her bra. After we were both got dressed, we continued our stroll around the park as if nothing had ever happened. As we were walking, I felt like people were staring at us and she just looks at me and grins. She felt a little cum trickling down her leg and bent down to wipe it off, afterwards licking her fingers and saying how good I tasted. “My oh my, what a good little whore Kaylen Ward was!”

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