Evieandivytwins Fansly Love Story Of A Twin Sister

Good things come in pairs, like the sexy Evieandivytwins, who looks ravishing. Come support these twins on Fansly here because you not only get 1 but 2 hot chicks to fantasize about.

The cuties have blonde hair that looks perfect on their pale skin. One stares at you with their big, enchanting eyes making your penis grow and form a dick print. Their big pink lips can handle enormous dicks and deep throat you in turns till you cum.

These babes do everything together, and they look amazing lying in bed. They have white matching crop tops that match the white sheet making seductive looks. Evie has a cute necklace and purple nails, while Ivy has yellow nails and a rubber band on her wrist. Both of them are horny, and they need a hot guy with a gigantic cock to come join in. Ivy cannot help but go in for a kiss with her hand on Evie’s cheeks as she flips her hair. They press their lips against each other with their eyes closed, giving them a sensual feeling.

It’s a hot afternoon weekend, and the stunning twins sit on a floor pillow in undies. Ivy lies on Evies’s lap as they stare into each other’s eyes. Evie’s small tits look lovely, and you can see her areola that deserves kisses. The babe’s nipples are hard from how aroused she is. On the other hand, Ivy lays faceup, and you can see her perky boob with a pointy nipple. She goes ahead to use her thumb to trace Evies s thick lips, then switches to using her index finger. Without hesitation, she slips her finger in the mouth, and she sucks it like how she would give you a good head. Nothing would feel better than getting head simultaneously from the Evieandivytwins while relaxing outside.

Switching up things, Evie lies on her belly and stretches her arms out. Her boobs press the pillow making her tits bulge to the side. Ivy then sits on her ass in a sexy thong tied in knots on each side. She sticks her small bum out, and it looks so good you would want to spank them. Her small pointy girls will make you want to grab and squeeze them subtly, then nibble her nipple. The cutie then places her hands on Evie’s shoulders and massages her slowly.

As she massages her back, Ivy moves up and down, pressing her pussy on her twin’s butt. Since they are dripping wet, all you need to do is take down their undies and enjoy fucking them. Slip your cock in Evie’s pussy as she lies down while holding Ivy’s knockers. Take it out, then thrust Ivy’s kitty and alternate while they play with each other.

Summer is an excellent time for the twins as they enjoy quality pool time. After swimming, the beauties sit beside the pool, drenched in water, looking hot. Their white shirts are soaked, and you can see their areola and nipples through it. Evie kneels as she squeezes her hair to dry, and you can see her ribs popping out. They glance at each as they smile, which turns them on.” Come kiss me,” Ivy says, tilting her face with one hand on the floor. In response, Evie bends slightly and kisses her, then looks into her eyes sexily and kisses her again. As it gets intense, Evieandivytwins caress their melons, then get up quickly like they are ready to pounce on you for a steamy threesome.

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evieandivytwins standing by bed covering her tits

evieandivytwins wet shirt and kissing each other

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