BonnieGrindzz cheated on her husband and got a facial cum

I have finally decided to share her story of how big of a whore BonnieGrindzz wanted to become. I am going to tell you about how she wished that she could be fucked while out on her business trips and got drowned in a little facial cum. First, I need you to get to know a little more about BonnieGrindzz. She is a young busty Asian woman in her twenty’s, and she does not have that much experience in the sexual department. She has only dated a few guys and the only one she has ever had sexual intercourse with is her current boyfriend. He on the other hand has had many sexual experiences and BonnieGrindzz took all the lessons she could get from him. Bonnie Grindzz has always understood the basic concept of sex, but she never really found herself to enthused with it until she met him.

BonnieGrindzz find herself lacking a lot when it comes to sexual things and most of the time if sex is what her boyfriend wants then he is the one that has to come onto her. She usually does not think too much about it either way. BonnieGrindzzClyde has never told him that he was the only guy she had been with, and she hoped that he didn’t find out. Bonnie Grindzz wanted to be as experienced as him and she was jealous of the desire he had for fucking. Even if he did find out that he was her first, by now it wouldn’t matter too much because they had already done a massive amount of fucking.

BonnieGrindzz cheated on her husband and got a facial cum

Recently they had begun to start experimenting more with their sexual desires, trying new things and testing one another and what they may or may not like. Thinking of these new experiences that they have been exploring made BonnieGrindzz horny and she felt like she could use a good facial cum. If he found out she was a virgin when she got with him, he would be thinking of a little more than just a facial cum. They have been married for a long time now and her little secret has yet to be discovered by him.

BonnieGrindzz graduated college with a degree in Business and she started work immediately. The job that Bonnie Grindzz ended up taking, required a lot of business trips away from home and sometimes BonnieGrindzzClyde would be gone for up to a couple of weeks. Usually, it was only her and a couple of her coworkers that went on these excursions. While away on business BonnieGrindzz usually made time to chat with her husband on the phone and sometimes they would engage in a little phone sex. He would ask her naughty questions, expecting naughty answers in return and she would play along.

Before BonnieGrindzz had got with him, she would have sexual dreams. Bonnie Grindzz fantasized a lot about things she had never experienced. Back then she could have probably cared less whether these fantasies ever played out, but now days her dreams and fantasies seemed to haunt her a lot more. Anyways while away on one of her business trips, while talking to him on the phone and preparing for bed, the conversation ended up on a sexual level, as usual. For some reason BonnieGrindzzClyde felt extra horny tonight and she thought of her last experience with facial cum as she reached down to touch her clit. Sometimes BonnieGrindzz like it better, fondling herself with her panties still on than touching the bare skin. She guessed that she liked the feel of the roughness against her pussy. As Bonnie Grindzz flicked her fingers across her clit, she felt how extremely wet she had become, and it took her by surprise. She carried on her naughty conversation with her husband, while fingering her pussy, until she made herself cum.

BonnieGrindzzClyde fucked a stranger and got a facial cum

Afterwards, they said goodnight and BonnieGrindzzClyde drifted off to sleep, not even bothering to wipe herself off. The week was ending, and she finally decided to go out to the bar, alone of course and enjoy herself for once. BonnieGrindzz called and told her husband about her plans and to her surprise he didn’t seem too concerned. As the night moved on, and she had more drinks than planned, sheherssaged her husband to let him know that she was ok. As Bonnie Grindzz was on the phone with him, she noticed someone approaching her and she told him that she had to go. The man that approached her wasn’t very sexy, but he wasn’t extremely ugly either. He was average she supposed. Either way, when it comes to white men, it doesn’t take much for BonnieGrindzz, white men are her favorite. She instantly felt weak in the knees as she thought of how he may have been showing some interest in her. BonnieGrindzzClyde could only hope that he had a good facial cum in store for her.

BonnieGrindzz Invited The Stranger Home To Fuck Her

The two of them took a seat at the bar and engaged in general conversation with one another. They hit it off right off the bat and BonnieGrindzz was taken aback when he asked her if she was married or not. She told him a little about what type of marriage she was in and explained why they didn’t wear their wedding bands. She eventually ended up lying and telling him that they had been separated for some time. Bonnie Grindzz got a good feeling out of being somewhat rebellious and telling him a few lies. They continued to hit it off and the night was moving rather quickly. His conversation left her feeling a little bored and soon she drifted off into one of her little fantasies. In her thoughts, she was being fucked pretty good by a guy she had met tonight. BonnieGrindzzClyde got up the nerve to ask him if he would like to come back to the hotel she was staying at. She might have a bit off more than she could chew because she wasn’t expecting him to agree, but he did. It seemed like they were both about done with the whole social scene at the bar and she made her way to the ladies’ room to tidy up a bit before returning to her room.

BonnieGrindzzherssaged her husband and told him not to wait up on her that she was extremely buzzed and would more than likely pass out rather quickly after she returned home. He asks her to make sure that she let him know when she made it home safely and she agreed that she would. As we returned to her hotel, she went to the restroom to freshen up a little and make herself more comfortable. While Bonnie Grindzz was there, she messaged her husband and told him that she had made it home safely and goodnight. BonnieGrindzzClyde returned back into the foyer with only a transparent nightgown on and went over to turn on some slow music. They sat and discussed things in life in general like their jobs, and so on. He had placed his hand on her upper thigh, and she felt a small shiver run over her body. She couldn’t hardly grasp the fact that this was actually happening right now.

BonnieGrindzzClyde loves facial cum

He bent forward and began to kiss her, working his way from her lips, down to her neck, while rubbing her thighs. He kept getting closer and closer to her pussy with every stroke. They started to kiss more fiercely inserting their tongues into each other’s mouths, probing each other with intense motion. Bonnie Grindzz felt his hand make its way up to her breast and he begins gently massaging them, paying more attention to the nipple area more than anything else. She thrust her chest forward and allowed him complete access to her. He laid her back onto the sofa, and they continued making out. He slid his hand up her nightgown and before BonnieGrindzzClyde knew it, she felt his fingers slide inside of her wet pussy. BonnieGrindzz couldn’t wait to receive a good facial cum, and she was getting hornier by the minute. She was soaking wet, between her legs. He then looked at her and asked, “is this what you needed?” “Do you want more?” Bonnie Grindzz answered him in a muffled tone “Yes, Oh yes please!” “I love it!” She exclaimed. He stopped fingering her, but they were still making out, and he starts to get undressed.

He pulls out his long hard cock and request that Bonnie Grindzz stroke him. She did as he asked and took him into her hands so that she could fully explore his manhood. His cock was so big, and it felt so good in her hands, he was definitely bigger than her husband. He asked her if she liked what she saw and BonnieGrindzzClyde told him that she indeed did. He stood up in front of her and demanded that she suck him right then. She began to realize how big of a slut she is and realized that her dreams of her covered in facial cum was about to become a reality. BonnieGrindzz decided right then that she would suck him, and do whatever it was he wanted, she would be his whore for the night. As Bonnie Grindzz explore his cock, she figured him to be somewhere around 7 inches long, as to her husband only being around 5.

The Stranger Gave BonnieGrindzz A Facial Cum

BonnieGrindzzClyde gave into his every need immediately and began sucking his cock the best she knew how. She sucked and licked him from his balls to his shaft while at the same time working him around in her hands. BonnieGrindzz placed her wet, plump lips around his shaft and worked them up and down it. He asked her to go back to sucking on his balls and so she did. She could barely fit his balls into her mouth and her mouth felt so full. Bonnie Grindzz sucked and played with his balls while at the same time stroking his rock-hard cock. She slid off her nightgown and when she did, he demanded that she lie down and spread her legs so that he could eat her pussy.

“Good thing I shaved.” She thought to herself. He began to eat her pussy and boy did he sure know his way around a woman’s vagina. After a while of licking and sucking on her clit he then positioned himself so that he could get inside of her. He slid his cock back and forth, through her wetness, soaking it down and asked her how bad she wanted him. He continued to tease her like this until BonnieGrindzzClyde was hornier than she had ever been. BonnieGrindzz wanted him now more than ever and she demanded that he fucked her hard until he had her covered in facial cum. From the very beginning he hadn’t felt nothing like her husband, and she felt a little hint of regret for a split second. It didn’t really matter at this point she was his little whore for the night, and it felt good. His cock filled her pussy up completely and left behind a small sting of pain. Bonnie Grindzz wasn’t familiar with his size dick being pumped into her with such force, but for her this was a good pain. As time went on, he got faster and faster, he went deeper inside of her, and it felt like she could feel him reach her guts. They fucked in all kinds of positions for almost an hour she supposed, and she had told him not to cum inside of her.

BonnieGrindzzClyde got a facial cum from a stranger

Right when BonnieGrindzzClyde saw that he was at his breaking point, she hit both her knees and got ready for her facial cum experience. He pulled out of her and began spraying cum all over her face and chest. BonnieGrindzz had never seen so much cum before; he must have really been full. Afterwards she got up and found a towel so that she could clean herself up a bit. Bonnie Grindzz loved every minute of that night, especially being fucked like that by a white guy that she had just met, while cheating on her husband. BonnieGrindzzClyde felt like such a little whore, but in a good sense. He left her to herself that night and she slept extremely well. Her pussy ended up being sore for days.

The next morning, BonnieGrindzz caught her flight back home and as soon as she returned, her husband wanted to fuck. It was very dirty of her to have fucked someone while she was gone and then return home and fucked him, and this turned her on even more. To her surprise her husband made a comment on how loose her pussy felt and Bonnie Grindzz could only hope he didn’t know anything. She let on that it was probably just the fact that she was so wet as to why it felt this way, but BonnieGrindzzClyde had known the real reason was because she had been someone else’s whore over the weekend. The subject passed and we continued to fuck until we were both completely worn out. Afterwards BonnieGrindzz drifted off to sleep while dreaming of her next business trip, hoping that she might be able to relive the experience that she just had this past week.

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