Amazing Rio Hamazaki gave her teacher a boob job he will never forget


“Rio Hamazaki – Tities after class”

Rio Hamazaki had always been a stubborn and distracted student in the class, and this time, Mr. Longhead was not having it. He had asked her to stay behind after class, which only excited her. Sitting opposite each other next to his desk only brought wild thoughts to his nasty student.”Why was your mind so off in class today? I can help you take it off?”Longheadasked, staring at her tits on her white t-shirt.

His little student with a face of a doll and a pixie cut just looked at him with seductive eyes.”I know you’ve always wanted to squeeze my boobies; I want your dick all up in my big titties.”His face lit up on hearing this, and he could feel his dick getting harder and harder by the minute.

He instructed her to stand up and sat on her seat then pulled her to sit on his lap. This made Rio Hamazaki’s vagina tingle, and she could feel the fluids coming out of her pussy. His hard dick was up against her thighs which made her go nuts. She then slipped his dick inside her pussy which was dripping wet. They moaned with pleasure as Rio jumped up and down his big hard cork.

The teacher slowly reached for her boobs and started carryingthem softly through the soft cotton shirt. This prompted groans from her as she seemed to enjoy it. He then gently raised her shirt and a perfect set of tits and nipples. Without hesitating, he grabbed her boobs and moved his hands around. Using one of his fingers, he teased her nipples, making her bounce more and moan passionately. Longhead gave her boobs a tighter squeeze as he could feel her warm pussy walls on his dick. His tempo touching the boobs increased, and so did her pace when fucking him. He could not take it anymore, so he burst a nut inside her, and all she could feel was his warmth inside him.

“The Unforgatable boob fuck”

Rio Hamazaki is down on her knees, staring at the teacher’s big cork as he sits on the edge of the bed in front of her. She slowly pushes her bra straps up and down, which makes her boobs bouncy. Looking at his dick made her salivate as it grew bigger.The slutty student touches Longhead’s balls as she moves her hand up to his penis. She then directed it to her breasts and tried to slip it inside her bra moving it around which made her puts move like water.

“Show those sexy titties bitch. I wanna see you play with them” he instructed her with a seductive tone. She reached for the back of her bra and opened it, which exposed her jiggly boobs that covered her chest perfectly. As they stared into each other’s eyes, she gave him a nasty innocent look that made him reach for his cock. Rio held her titties and swung them around as she breathed heavily from the pleasure. His dick looked good on her hand. She took his dick and rubbed it against her nipples in fast rotations. Precum fluids made the nipples wet, which made Longhead produce male moans.

Rio Hamazaki placed his cock between her massive tits and grabbed her boobs, smiling at him. She held them tightly to grip the dick well and moved them up and down. She then leans down to suck his dick, making her lips wet and covered in his fluids. This sexy Japanese hoe then continues rubbing his dick with her tits as she increases the speed. Her moans can be heard from the next room as she squirted on the floor. On looking at his eyes while wanking his cock with her massive breasts, Longhead loses it, and he ejaculates all over her titties. The cum slowly flows down her titties, and she licks off her fingers. She then holds her tittiestogether and rubs them with his cum as his teacher watches amazed at how good that titty fuck felt.

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