Veronica Leal having hot steamy sex with boyfriend on the couch


We arrive home with my lovely girlfriend Veronica Leal from shopping. We take a shower and decide to relax on the couch as we watch a movie. The movie gets erotic as the couple makes out. I get horny and we begin to exchange suggestive glances at each other. She draws closer and her soft lips are irresistible to kiss. She smiles because she already knows what I need, a hot steamy sex casually on the couch.

I get behind her and take off her top. Slowly, I kiss her neck and that makes she moan loudly from pleasure. We engage in a sexy cuddling session for few minutes. At this point, I know she is getting horny and craving for my dick. But I like the foreplay to last a little longer, so I start reaching out for her big, perfect and natural boobs. These titties are my favorite things to play with whenever we are close together. After that, I sneak my hand under her panty and stimulate her pussy. I rub her clit as it begins to swell with pleasure. Then, I start fingering her tight pussy to make sure it is soaking wet before I start the fucking.

I thought she is ready for me dick, but then she surprises me with her new move. We never tried this position before. She goes on her knees over the couch and bends backwards supporting her wait on her hands. I give her a gentle deep throat fuck in her warm mouth. Wow! Those tits are looking amazing from my view. My dick has no choice but stay hard the whole time I face fuck her. Then, I sit on the couch and lie back as she comes over me. She kneels on either side of my waist aligning her dripping pussy above my hard cock. She rubs her erect clit with the head of my dick and gently slide it in her warm pussy.

She rides my dick slowly as I lick my thumb and rub her sensitive clit. She then fucks me quicker and faster as she goes making her boobs bounce beautifully right in front of me. I flip her over for her favorite doggy style and smash her tight pussy as I rub her clit from beneath. Her clit begins swelling again and pulsating. Finally, she reaches orgasm in a loud scream. However, I have not done yet. She then lies by her side and allows me to drill her from behind. Her pussy gets hotter with every thrust and sensitivity kicks in.

She massages my balls as I fuck her, and she tightens the muscles inside her pussy. She chokes my dick with her pussy and presses me deeper inside her with every thrust. I cannot hold my cum any longer and so I shoot a hot creampie in her meaty pussy. We laugh with joy and relax on the couch after the hot steamy sex session.

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