Two lesbian teens felt in love and fucked each other on bed


Leah and Eva are two pretty lesbian teens with charming beauty. They are lying on a big bed on their bellies. Both of them are in pink panties and white tops. Leah is lying on her hand, which is tucked inside her panties, and is playing with her pretty pussy. She is already wet, and it is visible from her wet panty.

Leah is already so horny, and she cannot hold it any longer. She gently takes off Eva’s panty and plays with her horny pussy. Eva’s whole body feels so aroused by the gentle and warm soft touches Leah is giving her. Eva feels the urge and she undress Leah. She starts feeling Leah’s pussy with her fingers.

They both support their bodies by the elbow, facing each other as they kiss each other with a lot of passion and affection. I can tell that both of the two blonde teens feel like they are in heaven. Their legs are wide apart from each other, as they play with each other’s pussy. Leah lays Eva on her back and then open Eva’s legs apart. Leah moves back and tickles Eva’s clit with the tip of her tongue and goose bumps run all over Eva’s body. To help Eva reach her orgasm, Leah sucks Eva’s kitty gently with much love and Eva can feel her warm air soothing her already hot, puffy pussy. Leah sucks Eva for quite a while and Eva reaches an orgasm. Eva can feel her warm cum flowing from her pussy.

Leah comes on top of Eva with her knees on both sides of Eva’s head Leah’s pussy is now hanging over my mouth, ready to get a suck too. Eva likes Leah’s clean shaved pussy, and she licks Leah’s hard, erect clit. Leah is on fire and her wet pussy is pulsing. Eva keeps on sucking till Leah moans with joy. Leah moves her body in rhythm as she plays with Eva’s hair. Finally, Leah reaches her climax. After that, they both lie on bed caressing each other and cuddling out of the fulfillment, creating the urge to continue.

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