Sexy French maid gets fucked on the couch


The Covid epidemic has hit hard on the economy. Consequently, it has affected and changed people’s lifestyles. Khloe Kapri, a sexy French maid and adult film actress, has had to change her model of doing business. As a result, she has had to concentrate on her social media accounts to interact with her fans. Usually, before the pandemic, she used to be busy in the studios for filming. She often reaches out to her fans to know what kind of content they want her to create for them.

In the heat of the pandemic, blonde babe Khloe now spends most of her time in the house with her husband. Her sex life has had to change too. She no longer does it under the lights and cameras; hence it feels normal. Moreso, she does not have to have sex under a fixed schedule. She now does it like a boss; I mean, any time she needs it, she gets it. Nowadays, she is having it naturally.

Today, she is in the house with her husband baking some cookies that she loves a lot. Khloe put on her favorite sexy French maid outfit because she planned to do a roll play with her husband later on. They sit close to each other on a couch, watching a movie together and enjoy the cookies. Gentle kissing ensues between them, which in a moment matures into a voracious smooching. In no time, they are completely distracted from the movie which they completely forget about. They get engulfed in a love-making frenzy, ripping off their clothes hurriedly.

Khloe goes on her knees, giving her husband a glorious five minutes of sucking, making him almost bust a nut in her mouth. Meanwhile, she sneaks her small hands under her navy-blue panty, pleasing her meaty cherry. He carries her on a couch and tears her panty savagely. He gluttonously goes down on her meaty pussy lips. Khloe’s clit swells out of her hood with pleasure and excitement, and she begins to flood her pussy.

She hops in the middle of the couch on all fours as her husband penetrates her gaping pussy straight away. He pounds on her pussy vigorously with his dangling balls slapping on her clitoris underneath her vulva. They switch over to different other positions, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. She rides and creams on his hard dick, making a ring of white cream at the base of his dick. The couple is quite acrobatic, and they assume outrageous positions, making it even more interesting. This frenzy goes on for a while and he can no longer hold his full balls. Eventually, He cums on her face and boobs with a loud groan. What a breathtaking scene!

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Models: khloe kapri

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