Sexy Asian babe Clara Trinity had a Thanksgiving facial


I was a little worried about attending the Thanksgiving dinner this year, but I decided to get dressed and go anyways because my sister told me that my brothers friend Nate was going to be joining us. After hearing this news, I just couldn’t refuse. Nate is so sexy and I’m not sure what it is exactly but something about him gets me hot and bothered every time I lay eyes on him. Maybe it’s the thought of him being a little older than I am and possibly off limits that turns me on so much.

Sexy Asian babe Clara Trinity had a Thanksgiving facial

I need to start planning on what I will wear, and I immediately decide on something that screams sexy Asian babe all over. I’ve heard that’s what Nate prefers, so that’s what I go with. I soon have my sexy Asian babe outfit ready to wear and I can’t wait for my chance to catch some alone time with Nate.

After dinner I volunteer to stay and clean up with a little help from Nate and everyone else goes about their own way leaving us to it. We had been eye fucking each other the whole night at dinner and if he was as horny as I was, then I knew there wouldn’t be much foreplay needed. After I was sure it was only us in the dining room, I instantly started removing my clothes which weren’t very many since, I had dressed skimpy on purpose. Thankfully to no surprise Nate was just as hot and horny as I was, and he followed my lead by leaning me back in a chair and taking my sweet cunt into his hot, wet mouth. eating me from front to back and back to front he licks and sucks on me and I’m soaking wet. I can’t wait to feel him inside of me.

Finally, after I cum in his hot wet mouth I pull down his pants and take as much of his cock into my mouth as I can. I want to return the favor by sucking and pleasing him just as well as he did me, so I take his cock deeper into my throat and work it in and out tightening my mouth and throat muscles around it. Grabbing me by the hair, he assists me with taking his big cock in and out of my hot wet mouth and feeling my throat wrap around him. I suck on him and stroke him until he is so rock hard that his cock feels like it’s going to explode.

Sexy Asian babe Clara Trinity had a Thanksgiving facial

Just before he starts to cum, I stop sucking and jump up into his lap to ride his stiff hard cock. Grabbing me by the hips, he helps me thrust my sweet wet pussy onto his cock. Bouncing up and down and riding him with the in-sync rhythm we are both about to cum all over each other. He flips me over onto my back so that he can give me a few last hard thrust and then finally he pulls his cock out and explodes into my mouth. I take every bit of his sweet cum into my mouth and look up at him with wanting, sexy eyes and giggle a little. Nate was the best tasting thing about Thanksgiving dinner this year and I hope he thought the same about me!

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Sexy Asian babe Clara Trinity had a Thanksgiving facial

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