Old therapist got seduced by a hot blonde patient


I am an old therapist who has years of experience throughout my career. Recently, I got fired from my job due to the recession. This month, I have decided to open my own therapy office at home. Today, I have an appointment with one of my female patients who I must admit that I have a crush on. She is of standard height, beautiful face, big boobs, wide hips that are always pressing her pants wide open, and one hell of a huge booty that keeps her skirt floating in the air. Her name is Abigaile Johnson.

She arrives in a short dress and finds me already waiting for her. We begin talking about her desire as we take a stroll around my yard. I mention something to her about sex therapy and wow! She discloses to me that she loves sex therapy and immediately draws in closer and gives me a warm lovely kiss from her cherry, soft and tender lips. At the same time, I feel the urge to have a good time with a youthful, hot and sexy girl. After all, it’s been long since I had sex.

Abigaile is really horny. She doesn’t even take a minute stripping off her skirt as me dropping my jean off too. Wow! She is a goddess. I get to see her naked right in front of me and she is super-hot. Her ass jiggles with every step as she walks toward me. She kneels on the ground holding my cock in her hands ready to suck the hell out of my soul. She gives me a warm blowjob and at the same time strokes my cock slowly to help me get hard. You think an old man like me would take hours to get hard? No way, I could not resist to get hard after seeing her naked body, and her skills are too good to be true for a young girl at her age.

I get on a bench under the shade of the tree and hold her legs wide open revealing her fresh-looking, young, and wet enticing pussy. I rub her clit gently with my finger and proceed to suck her clit which I tickle with my tongue, and she goes crazy for it. She tilts to the side and let me enter her from behind as she lies on the bench, and I give her a long, hard fuck.

We proceed to a lounger just by the bench, and I lie on it with my back. Abigaile comes on top with her legs apart and on one side of me and her good pussy above my hard, erect dick. She takes it on her warm hand and gets it inside her pussy, riding it like a charm. She is really good at it I can tell, and it almost gets this old therapist ‘s dick to cum too quick. It doesn’t take a long while before she realizes that I’m going to cum inside her. However, she suggests ‌that I don’t.

She helps me stand up, and she goes down on her knees to suck me. She sucks my cock so good, while looking at me from below. At the same time, she caresses my balls softly. My knees become weak, and I feel the unbearable urge to cum in her mouth. I hold her head from the back and shoot a warm splash of cum in her mouth with a groan. After all, recession isn’t so bad, is it! It gives me a perfect opportunity to hook up with my long-time patient, whom I have been silently admiring.


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