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Natalie Vegas made sextape with boyfriend POV


My job transfer is already out, and this is the last day at home with my girlfriend, Natalie Vegas. We spend most of the day together consoling each other. Loneliness is already creeping in me, and her moods are not at their best. In an effort to try to lighten her moods, we decide going to town for some seafood. Mignonette seafood bar is our favorite, and we take less than an hour to arrive. Natalie chooses number 69 on the menu while I have some cuisine.

After having our meals, we toss our glasses of red wine and leave for home. She is looking all gorgeous in her new minidress with her blonde hair resting on her bubbly butt. I also buy her new stiletto heels, which make her radiate with joy and happiness. We return home to get my bags ready to catch my plane for France.

Along our journey, pampering and gentle caressing take the better part of us. On arrival, I dress in my newly bought suit and lie on the bed as Natalie Vegas packs my bags. An idea kicks in, so I call her to the bedroom. I propose we make a sex tape as she stands on the edge of the bed and she agrees. She takes off her dress in a slow and sensual, seductive dance then she takes off her heels to join me in bed.

She shrugs her bra on the shoulders and lets it fall to the floor as she turns to take off her panty. A surge of sexual hormones rushes through my body, getting my dick hard almost instantly. Gently, she comes over to the bed and rips off my trouser with her eyes boldly fixed on mine. Like a prey facing a predator, she slithers her body cunningly over me.

Her skin rubs warmly on mine, triggering high levels of libido in me. She takes my dick in her warm mouth, giving me five glorious minutes of sucking. Her pussy is dripping with thick juices that dangle beneath her pussy. Carefully, she sticks the head of my dick in her pussy, letting out a soft sigh. Like a pro, she rides on my dick, forming a round ring of her juices on the base of my shaft.

We turn over for the reverse cowgirl, allowing me to see her big ass as she bounces on my cock. The view is impressive, with her ass cheeks cringing with every thrust. Occasionally, I spank her butt, making it turn red hot, and making her moan louder. After a couple of minutes, we turn for the doggy, where I pound her pussy harder. The loud melodies of her moans fill the house, and her pussy gets hotter and juicier. In a moment, my methods of holding cum prove futile, making me shoot massive loads of cum in her pussy.

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