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Nakatani Hibiki Had A Sex Interview And A Crempie For The First Time


Nakatani Hibiki was so excited about her interview, and her confidence while answering the questions could tell it all. Her orange maxi dress complimented her skin, and her silky brunette hair flowed perfectly on her back. “Stand up, sexy!” the interviewee, Joe, said in a flirty tone. Nakatani stood up, and they started chatting, and he asked her to show off her lovely petite body.

She took her belt off and then started unbuttoning the dress from her chest to her waist. This revealed a nice set of tits held by a bra with pink-purplish flower details. After a bit of chitchat, she took off her dress and bra, exposing her big nipples. She then sat on the couch and started rubbing her pussy through her undies. “Take them off, sweetie. I wanna see the real deal” Joe uttered excitedly. She slowly took them off and sat down, spreading her legs wide. Hibiki continued rubbing her pussy then Joe handed her a huge vibrator. She played around with it, her clit which turned her on. Joe was impressed and asked her to dress up for more questions.

Once she was done, he came and sat next to her. This is where things got steamy, and Hibiki took off her dress again. They started caressing and looking deep into eyes of each other which raised the tension. He reached for her bra and took it off. Joe moved his hands around her boobs with so much passion, and she lay on her back. He continued kissing her while reaching inside her cute panty while fingering her. Joe proceeded to lick her nipples which Nakatani enjoyed.

He then slowly took off her panties and spread her legs apart, fingered her and started licking her pussy. Moans could be heard in the room, and they got louder when he dipped his finger in her while eating her out like a mango. When he took out his finger, Hibiki started creamping, which flowed down her ass hole. Joe licked it and told her to stand and bend it over while holding the couch and licked her from the back. Nakatani then goes down and starts giving him a blowjob while standing. Joe’s heavy breathing made it clear he ikes it, and Nakatani Hibiki goes down to his big balls to suck them. He then lays on the couch face up, and she continues sucking him dry. They then proceed to 69, where Joe spreads her ass cheeks and licks her like crazy. Her wet pussy aroused Joe even more. On the other hand, Nakatani gives him a deep throat while she’s moaning for how good she feels. “I want it inside me!” Nakatani blattered while getting off him. She lay on the bed, and Joe could not help but give it to her in missionary. As they continued, he rubbed her pussy while giving her slow strokes. He then leaned in for a kiss, and they held hands as he continued pounding her tight pussy.

When he took his big dick out, Nakatani lay on her side, and he began spooning her. His thrust kept increasing, and so did his breaths get more profound “Bend over bitch” Joe uttered. Nakatani arched and licked her, then proceeded to dip his cork inside her. Groans filled the room as the two went on. Joe then lays down on his back, and Hibiki showers him with kisses while on top of him. He puts in his dick and begins fucking her from below. Joe then turns her over and fucks her seashell-style while sucking her lovely tits. When he took out his dick, Nakatani’s pussy was creaming, which shocked her since it was the first time it was happening.

Scene 2 “The freaky hotel grind”

Hotel sex has always been one of Nakatani Hibiki’s fantasies, and she was finally going to get live her dreams. Being in Luka’s hotel room bed with her maroon bra, black straps, and matching undies made her nervous a bit. They talked for a while, and he came and sat with her on the bed. Luka started touching her thighs as seeing her like that made him very horny. His dick prints from his boxers got even larger, and Hibiki started groping it.

He began caressing her body, kissing her, and then taking off her bra. Turning her over to the side, he began moving his hands around her booty. Nakatani Hibiki then arched it for him, and Luka started teasing her pussy over her undies and then pulled the undies between her ass cheeks. He then pulled her panties down slowly, which had fluids. Luka licked her pussy, and you could hear wet sounds in the room. He then dipped his finger in and out at a fast pace, and the more he did it, the more she groaned in pleasure. He then pulled her in for a kiss, and she could taste her pussy in his mouth.

Luka went down on her while fingering her, which aroused Hibiki even. He then began moving towards her boobs slowly while fingering her and kissing her. When he took his boxers off, it unleashed a giant monster in front of Nakatani’s cute face as she lay on the bed. Being the throat guru, she gave him a deep throat and even sucked his balls. They then sat across each other in the bed while doing mutual masturbation. She lay on the bed, and Luka started drilling her in missionary. Luka kept thrusting harder, and she kept screaming the more he went on. He then leaned in for the classic missionary as he kissed her. They switched up with the mountain climber, which Nakatani seemed to like.

Nakatani Hibiki gets on top of him and starts riding his big cork. As she’s at it, he grabs her boobs and then moves his hands to her waist to control her movements. Low moans could be heard as she moved up and down his dick. Nakatani slowly gets off his dick and arches it back. When Luka puts his dick in, she removes a slight moan. Luka then gives it to her in the doggy as her boobs move side by side. He pulls her up, grab her boobs, and then holds one of her hands as he gives her deep strokes. Luka leans in for a kiss, and she starts moaning in his mouth. This made Nakatani lie down, and Luka dag in for flat doggy, which drove her crazy. He then turns her over and gives to her eagle style.

The pounding gets louder and more profound, and Nakatani starts shouting, “Give it to me daddy , yeeeees, just like that”. This makes Luka increase his thrust, and he cums inside her while holding her shoulders tightly. He leans in for a kiss; they hug for a while and pull out his dick. Nakatani Hibiki is left on the bed smiling, and she begins touching her pussy only to realize how creampie her fingers are.

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