I cum inside my girlfriend twice today


We sit on the couch with my beautiful girlfriend at home. We are like two teenager who love to be around each other. She is gorgeous and has a body to die for. She wiggles her body and plays with her long black hair. She keeps giving me that half-open eye look and I read a deep hidden desire in her eyes. Any time she looks at me like that, I know she is after something naughty. She is looking at me like a predator looking at its favorite prey, ready to pounce.

She sucks her finger like a sweet lollipop and bites her lower lip. Her sexual intention is clear.  She keeps touching her thighs with her long fingernails, giving her goosebumps. Occasionally, she puts her legs over each other showing me her voluptuous ass. Then, she creeps over me on her knees with her eyes glue on mine.

Lust is written all over her face as she draws closer. She kisses me and unbuckles my belt, pulling down my black jean. She gets my already hard cock and sucks my cum filled balls in her warm mouth. It feels very sensitive, and my dick throbs and kicks in the air. She licks the underside of my dick from base to head slowly with her tongue. She stops for a moment and takes off her long T-shirt, leaving her naked. Usually she wears nothing else when we are alone in the house.

She goes on sucking my huge dick in her mouth like a pro, and I love it. She kneels over my dick with her knees on either side of my waist. She rubs her giant clit on the tip of my dick and she moans for it. She spits on her hand and wets her pussy, allowing my dick to slide in her hot pussy easily. She bounces on it as I grab her bubbly boobs in my hands and her thick juices flow over me.

She rides me quick creaming on my dick as she grinds her erect clit on my groin, making her orgasm. Her pussy becomes very hot, and she cringes her muscles around my dick inside her pussy. Her pussy feels tighter with every thrust, and my dick feels bigger. I  feel the uncontrollable urge to cum and she begs me to cum inside her pussy. She gives me a few more rides and finally, I reach climax.

After a little of relaxing, she goes on for another round. First, she starts sucking on my cock, making me hard again. Then, we switch through the doggy, cowgirl, and eventually to the missionary. I hold her legs apart and she opens her wet pussy for me. I fuck her mercilessly as she also rides me. She realizes that I’m almost cumming again from how my massive dick throbs in her pussy. She gets her muscles tight again around my dick and I shoot another huge load of cum inside her pussy. She likes the feeling of hot cum inside her pussy, which gets her laughing with joy and fulfilment.

I have never cum inside my girlfriend before. This is my first time and I do it twice!