Hot teacher gets her feet sucked and fucked by a married dad


I am alone at home just relaxing watching a movie. I hear a knock on my door, and I go get it. It’s miss Emma Hix, the beautiful, slender and tall teacher from school my son goes to. She is well dressed in her checked miniskirt and a black light pullover tucked in her skirt. She introduces herself and I invite her inside to my living room. She is really pretty, and I compliment her. I joke that she is too hot for a teacher then we laugh about it.

After some chit chat, she tells me that she has an issue to discuss. She asks if my wife is around so that we can talk the matter out and I tell her she just left for work.

All along my eyes are glued to her sexy legs. I think she notices that too. So, she claims that my son has been watching adult material on his mobile phone and even watches it in class. I don’t believe her at first, and so she reaches for her handbag and fetches out my son’s phone. She shows me the video, and it’s embarrassing to watch. I tell her ‌I have a clue on where my son found that kind of content. She asks where, and I admit to her ‌it’s the ‌porn I watch.

I once again compliment her on her shoes and how beautiful her legs are. I told her I wish my wife is as gorgeous and sexy as she is. Unfortunately, she is getting out of shape and no longer cares about getting in shape. She is always busy at work. I admit to Emma that foot fetish is my thing, and she tells me that she loves it when someone sucks her feet actually. It feels amazing. I’m very attracted to her feet and so I begin to touch her subtly which she doesn’t refuse at all. I take off her shoes, massage her feet and she is delighted. We get along very well, and she gets turned on from me sucking her toes. She takes off her black panty and begins to rub her pussy on the couch.

She admits that no one has sucked her toes well like I do before and begs for more sucking. I lick her inner thighs towards her pussy, and she moans calmly. I unzip my jean and, she starts giving me a foot-job which feels awesome. We are all horny and she comes on top of me as I lie on the couch for a reverse cowgirl. I fuck her tight and wet pussy as she continues rubbing her clit.

We switch positions and she sits on the couch with her legs wide open and I slide my hard cock inside her hot pussy. I fuck her mercilessly as she continually rubs her clit which makes her reach orgasm and I feel her muscles throbbing around my dick. I fuck her harder as I suck her feet and, she reaches orgasm again. Her hot pussy juice gives me an uncontrollable urge and I cum on her pussy. I think I am in love with miss Emma now.

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