Cute Asian girl Yua Mikami and colleague fucked each other during break time


Today’s story is about a cute Asian girl Yua Mikami got fucked by her colleague.

One day, while at work, I (Yua Mikami) was doing my normal routine of answering calls and taking messages to report to my boss. It had already been a long day, just to make it worse, I saw one of my co-workers approaching my desk, and I could not help but sigh in aggravation. I had an excessive amount of work to do to be bothered. As he approached, he had a slight smile on his face and looked like he might have been up to no good. The coworker that was approaching me was one that I was quite fond of. I had found myself drifting off looking at him several times. He started the conversation by asking me how my day had been, and I told him I could not complain.

He then continued to make my day a little worse by telling me that we had to work over. I couldn’t help but wonder what that smile on his face had been while he was approaching. It could not have been because we had to stay over at work. My curiosity got the best of me, and I finally asked him what was on his mind to have him grinning when it had been such a long workday. He surprised me by telling me that he was thinking of me and how he thought I was a cute Asian girl. I blushed a little and decided it was time to tell him I had been fantasizing about him also. With our newfound confessions, we both giggled a little, and he was now close enough to me for me to feel the heat off his body. We flirted with each other for some time, and I totally forgot about my workload. I glanced downward and noticed that my coworker had developed a little bit of a bulge in his pants,

I took this opportunity to end this moment with him, so I placed my hand on his leg and started rubbing toward his crotch. We both glanced around quickly to make sure that no one was nearby and that the coast was clear. I was turned on by the fact that he thought I was a cute Asian girl, and I couldn’t wait any longer, so I started undressing him a little at a time. After he was completely naked, I started kissing my way down his stomach and made my way to his cock, where I began sucking on him and teasing his balls with my tongue. He kept getting harder in my mouth as I went, and I sucked on him until he was ready to return the favor. He then ate my pussy and fingered me until I was almost ready to cum but stopped right before and started fucking me.

He began by pulling up my skirt and pushing my panties to the side to insert his thick, strong shaft into my vagina. We went at it slow and steady for a while, and then I was ready to take control, so I rolled him over and jumped on top of his dick and began riding it. I rode him hard and quick, not cutting him any slack. I had been ready to go, and I was tired of holding back. We switched positions a few more times and ended back up with him on top. This time he pumped into me with the same energy I had shown him. He pounded me hard, and I felt his climax building, so I let mine release. Crying out in a pleasurable moan, I let him know it was his turn and he followed my lead. Afterwards, he told me how good that had felt as we pulled ourselves together and prepared to go back to work.

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