Sex at work fantasy with my husband

Today I want to tell you a story about my husband and I having sex at work recently. To get you up to speed, we’ve been quite busy for the last year or so, to the point where I just go through the majority of my days feeling oblivious of everything around me. At the same time, my husband and son both works late.

Our relationship has become complicated, and I feel ignored as a wife. All I do is cook and clean for him while he talks to his colleagues. Sometimes during the holidays or weekends, we eat, talk and make out.

This week I had made up my mind that I’d light up his Monday a tad. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had a chain of consecutive meetings for the majority of the morning and that by nightfall he would be very exhausted. Truly, it was just my obligation as his darling to “help” him overcome such a troublesome. Plus, I love having sex at work fantasy with him. It’s been for a while since we have done one.

I got to him at 11, and he let me in and rushed back to his PC anxious to not get abandoned. I gave him a kiss on the cheek before he walked out. More so, I did let him know I’d make lunch. The morning passed and meeting broke for a 30-minute break. During this time, he’s got to eat. 90 minutes or so later I could see he was slacking, looking drained and talking slower will less energy. I chose to set my strategy in motion.

I sneaked back into his office opening the entryway, gradually pushing my leg through first while attempting to take cover behind the entry. His work area was further away from the entry. He could see anybody coming into his office, yet nobody on his video call would be able to see. I could see the vibe of shock all over his face as I opened door. Today, I am wearing some negligee, the one he bought for me on my birthday last month. I felt like a high-class stripper in my stockings and suspenders and tight elegant underwear, the surge of being found by his coworkers turned me on to an unheard-of level. I was so excited for our sex at work fantasy, I thought in my head then giggled as I entered his office.

I let myself down underneath his desk, allowing him to see each and every inch of my body. Only him can see me. I crept rather clumsily forward until my head stopped on his lap. My hands reached out for my award, his cock. I liberated him and set my mouth to work. My husband took a quick sneaky look at me for few seconds. I can see his face turned a little shy since he is in a call with his coworkers. However, he quickly readjusted himself. He continued to talk so smoothly to his colleagues, as I stuffed his cock deep into my throat. I could perceive that he really liked what I was doing to him, for the most part by how his hand was pressing my head down into his cock. At a certain point, I was choked up and I thought I was daydreaming when his dick was deep in my throat.

He requested to be pardoned briefly, telling coworkers that he needed to go to the toilet. He set the timer to 5 minutes then quickly turned off the camera and the speaker so that no one else can hear our noise. I was on my knee. He, with extreme sexual desire, was holding me down and slamming his big hard cock into my face energetically. I could hear his colleagues talking through the headset as I grabbed his legs while his surge of pushes increasingly deep into my throat.

As the timer counted down to five minutes, I began to get more aggressive in my blows, while he pulled back my hair and slapped my back hard. I could feel that he was about to cum. I got choked up badly as he pushed his cock faster and deeper in my throat. Then finally he filled me up with a big load of cum. He cum so much that not only he filled my mouth but also he shot all over my face and my tits.

I took out my napkin and clean his dick up quickly. Afterwards, he resumed to work, but not without a little kiss before I left. He could taste his own cum and giggled a little. When I walked out of his office, I can feel his semen was actually dribbling from me and slowly running down my leg. Later that night, he called and told me that we finally had our sex at work fantasy after such a long time. He reminded me about the last time we did it and almost got caught because it happened at his previous workplace where people could peak into his office very easily.