My longtime friend spread her legs for me to fuck her in the rooftop

Just after the Covid came wrecking everything, I had yet another blow in my life. I had just separated from my two-year-long lover. This heartbreak was nothing like the ones I ever had before. Our relationship was taking the trajectory of marriage, and we were just about to tie the knot. Hell broke loose, and we broke beyond repair, making me depressed. I took the bitter pill and dusted myself up as I fumbled again in a lone world.

Mercy and I were friends for a long time even before I got into my previous relationship. She is a beautiful brunette girl, and her body is fully blossomed with big C boobs. Our chats over the phone were on and off, but whenever we talked, I felt rejuvenated. It was around 9 pm, and I was lying on the bed staring at the roof. Thoughts were rushing in my head from left, right, and center. My phone beeped, and there was a text from Mercy asking me if we could meet. After a few texts, we agreed to meet at her place, so I locked my house and headed to her place.

It was around 11 pm when I got to her place. She lived in a gated community in one of the flats. She came down to pick me up by the gate, and we waked towards her apartment. As we walked, she held my hand, leaning toward my shoulder. We had a hearty, chitty chatty as we strolled under the dazzling moonlight. She would play with my hand all along, and it became clear that she was still into me.

After we got to the flat where she lived, she stood in front of me, holding my hands, and asked if we would go to the rooftop. I couldn’t refuse such a romantic offer from my beautiful girl. On top of the roof was quite breezy but all the same relaxing. The view of dashing car lights on the busy roads was a sight to behold with clear lines of whites and reds. She looked beautiful, and her skin glowed under the moon bath. The pendant on her necklace glittered like diamonds, and her teeth shone like a white pearl.

Slowly, she got her hand on my shoulder as we talked and laughed about life. Then cunningly, she dropped her hand on my chest, feeling my nipple between her thumb and index finger. It caught me by surprise because anytime a horny girl does this to me, she takes a load of sperm in her pussy. I had not thought that way about Mercy, and I never knew she was this naughty. I let her do it for quite some time as thoughts rushed through my head, trying to figure out the best response.

After she noted that I was not acting, she stopped and looked right into my eyes. This moment felt like a magnet drawing close to metal. I lost my mind, and we kissed amorously like a thirsty kitten. The kisses made my manly bits charge and bulge under my jean. Sneaky thoughts kicked in, and lust got the better part of me. Resisting her longer was impossible as I sneaked my hand under her loose chiffon top. The boobs felt warm and tender while her nipples got hard and steady.

In a moment, her big tits were full under her bra, daring to bust her buttons open. Gently, I sneaked my hand under her trouser and felt the warm dumpiness of her pussy. She subtly objected as she held my hand. I flipped her and pinned her against the wall as she spread her legs for stability. By now, her lips were succulent and even more enticing from how wet they were. Mercy held my face, and I held her waist drawing in to kiss her. We were engulfed in a frenzy of kisses when I unhooked her bra in one try. We chuckled about it, and she asked how long I had been undoing bras which made me smile.

Mercy lifted her chiffon top above her breast, showing me a pair of fully ripe melons. I buried my head between them as she wiggled them around my face. My hard cock was throbbing under my boxers like a furious caged lion. I sneaked my hands under her jean and held her chubby ass in my hands. She was well endowed, and she cringed her ass cheeks occasionally. She spread her legs, allowing me to stand between her as she ground her groin against my hard dick.

She unzipped my jean and rescued my hard dick from the den under my boxers which launched like a bow. I would feel the frills of her panty cutting into her ass cheeks, and I decided to pull her panty to the side, shoving my finger in her asshole. She stood on her toes and moaned, tightening my finger inside her ass. Mercy was so horny and naughty, and she thrust her ass back and forth to finger her ass with my finger.

After several thrusts, she went on her knees and dropped my jeans. She massaged my dick in her warm hand while the other played with my balls. In a moment, my dick was in her warm mouth as she gave me a hand job which almost made me cum. I didn’t want to cum that fast, so I decided to finger her too. I pulled her trouser and fingered her pussy which was already wet and dripping. She spread her legs and supported her weight on the wall behind her, allowing me to finger her steaming pussy vigorously.

The melody of her silent moans filled the rooftop as she struggled to keep silent. I locked her legs between mine to keep her thighs apart, allowing me a faster thrust of my finger. Her clit swelled as thick juices dangled under her slit. She let out a big scream as she shot a sharp jet of hot squirt into the air with her thighs vibrating. Without letting her recover from her orgasm, I turned her to the wall to fuck her from the back. Mercy would barely stand on her own.

I held her waist and spread her legs with mine, noticing how much she had wet her pink panty. With this view, her ass was bigger and went perfectly to my dick. I slid my dick inside her steaming pussy and began pounding her. By then, she had already recovered and requested me to fuck her ass. She even withdrew my dick and shoved it in her ass which I had never done before. I put it back in her pussy and smashed the hell out of her, promising her an anal next time. She was too hot inside to hold cum. All my orthodox ways of holding cum proved futile. I told her I was about to cum which made her spread her legs, letting me launch loads of cum into her pussy like a missile.

She let all cum drip in her before putting on our clothes and walking to the ground. It was around 4 am. I requested Uber as we walked towards the gate. Mercy and I strolled to the gate as I waited for the driver. She kept reminding me I owe her anal.