I watched my wife banged another guy

My wife and I have had a complicated relationship for nearly two years now. It’s not that we don’t talk or anything, it’s just that our sexual relationship has not had the spark it once had. For some time now, we have had this kind of open relationship whereby we allowed each other to fuck with another person respectively. Initially, we were quite nervous and guilty about it but of late, it has begun to grow on us.

When we find the time to spend together alone, I’d get excited when my wife told me about her previous escapade. At first, she felt guilty about what she had done, but when she saw my response, she opened up to me more about her wild adventures.

One night we went to our friend’s house for dinner and to hang out. During dinner we both had had a couple of drinks or so. Well, we were simply having a good time partaking in the warm evening with our couple friends.

After dinner, our wives went for additional wine. To my surprise, when they returned my wife sat close to my friend and his wife sat close to me. My friend’s wife began to rub my leg. When I took a peek at my wife, she was doing the same to my friend. She grinned at me, and I gave her an endorsing nod.

It didn’t take long before the two of us were liberated from our shorts and had each other’s wife on their knees between our legs. Even though the blowjob was awesome, I was more turned on watching my wife blow my friend.

Soon, I looked as she stood up, slipped her dress off, and then, dropped her undies.

I was still getting blown while my wife got onto his lap. Her little hand caught his dick as she lowered herself gently on his dick. It was so dreamlike watching her ride him, his hands on her ass. He didn’t keep going long and I looked as he cum in her.

She moved off him and came over to me. She grasped my hand and put it on her pussy. Then, she pushed my friend’s wife a little far aside. She hopped on my laps and gently began to ride me. She leaned forward and murmured in my ear, “I did this for you. I want to please you so bad.”

My friend’s wife kept on licking my balls and playing with my butt while my wife rode me. I’m embarrassed to say I just endured a moment or so before unloading my heap into her pussy.

After I cum, the other couple went to bed. Maybe they realized I needed a moment to “discipline” my wife.

It was quite late, so we went to the visitor room. I was quite calm and my wife was worried about my calm reaction.

As I began to kiss her, she asked, “why aren’t you vexed by the whole thing?” “It was cute, a nice surprise” I said smiling. She began to speak sensually, “Do you want to lick my clit?” I nodded. She tenderly pushed my head down, past her little tits, and her flat stomach. I gazed toward her pussy and heard her say, “perhaps you should clean that up first, babe”

I licked her wet pussy as she continued to moan softly.

I was so erect. “Looks like daddy want some stroking” she said just before she grabbed my dick and stroked me. I came in her grasp.

She bent over and cleaned my own cum all over my cock with her mouth. I watched as she played with my cum in her mouth with her fingers.

Afterwards, I felt quite embarrassed at how much this all turned me on. The following morning, we were back to normal. She didn’t make reference to the earlier evening’s occasions.

I am looking forward to the next adventure. The thought gets me very excited every time I remember that day.